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I Want To Be a Billionaire

I honestly have nothing to say about this. I guess I’m trying to create a new type of vibe for the PWH, because the last few episodes were kind of lame. I just want to give you guys quality, and since I was so motivated to write these, I’ll try to give you quality. :D

We haven’t seen Oprah in a while, so here’s an Oprah episode! :3

When Oprah is nostalgic of her talk show, she attempts to join the PWH but ends up ruining everything her first day.

And if you dare not read the premises yesterday, I will throw cats on you.

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The Truth

I’m just glad Codien is back in the picture, but he’s hiding. :O

This episode was free-written and came out wonderfully. It takes place a day before Party with Hobos premiered on the former-existent Poptropica Help Forums where the original cast, Minotaur and Ryku, are pitching the original plot of the PWH to the admin, Coderkid.

Does this mean the premise is finally revealed? You got that right, question.

By the way, happy Saturday! I’m goin’ to the beaaach or something.

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de / bro / skied : 1. the act of ending a relationship with your best friend, or broski

Was that hiatus long enough? I guess I have a little writing block or something. I even considered giving Party with Hobos away or something. Just carelessness. A sudden lack of interest. But I knew it’d be rude just to leave without warning like Codien. :D

So, here’s a dramatic episode if you like dramatic episode. Also, I apologize that it’s so short.

When Ryku kisses Wolfgang during a game of Truth or Kiss, Minotaur takes it over the edge.

Read on, broskis and sisskis.

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No new episodes for a while. Blame Codien. Where is he anyways?

See you guys soon! :)

x MT

Squirt: Intro

Happy 4th of July, American Hobos!

Would you expect a filler? That’s what you’re going to get, but what does the title mean? What is Squirt? An intro? Whaaaat? I’m going to show you what it means, and you’re going to see it a lot from this blog starting today.

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She’s Still Mine! 2/2

Well, whaddya know! I got it in on time!

Yesterday, I had tons of fun at my grandparents’ house and I got lots of ideas to post here. I’ve got 5 ideas for the plots of the last episodes, and probably even some fillers – completely unrelated to Party with Hobos.  How would you feel if there were another superhero on the blog – that actually fights crime?

Anywho, Wolfgang puts an end to her at the date. Yadda, yadda. Here’s part two!

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She’s Still Mine! 1/2

I warned you on the Season 8 page that I was going to make references to former episodes. This one mainly references the Season 3 episode, She’s Mine!, where Ryku and Kyan fight over a girl while Zey just trolls everywhere.

Frozen Girl is back in the picture when she runs into Minotaur at a local Starbucks. But when Wolfgang finds out, it won’t be pretty.

BTW, I’m going to my grandparents’ house and the computer sucks over there, so I’ll consider posting it late tomorrow or sometime this week. :3

Hopefully, you enjoy this weird episode, y’all!

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