She’s Still Mine! 1/2

I warned you on the Season 8 page that I was going to make references to former episodes. This one mainly references the Season 3 episode, She’s Mine!, where Ryku and Kyan fight over a girl while Zey just trolls everywhere.

Frozen Girl is back in the picture when she runs into Minotaur at a local Starbucks. But when Wolfgang finds out, it won’t be pretty.

BTW, I’m going to my grandparents’ house and the computer sucks over there, so I’ll consider posting it late tomorrow or sometime this week. :3

Hopefully, you enjoy this weird episode, y’all!

*at a local Starbucks*
Charisma – *refilling coffee cup at table* Minotaur, you just drank 17 cups of Chocolaty Chip. What’s the matter?
Minotaur – I don’t want to talk about it *squinches at nametag*, Charisma. Wait, how do you know my name?
Charisma – *pulls out chair, sits* Kyan told me about you. Anyway, it’s best to let it out than keep it in.
Minotaur – Okay, so there’s this girl named Wolfgang..
Charisma – Isn’t she like REALLY REALLY REALLY hot? I mean, she looks like Jada Pinkett-Smith in Jason’s Lyric.
Minotaur – Yeah. But it’s like she’s really nice to me and I care for her. I just don’t want to make any sudden moves.
Charisma – Define sudden moves.
Minotaur – Wouldn’t it be awkward if you’re like friends with someone for a while and then you ask her to go out with you and she rejects you and you just try to forget all about it?
Charisma – She’s only been around for a few weeks.
Minotaur – Yeah, but I’m just saying. Nah, maybe I should do it. It’d mess up the friendship. *sips Chocolaty Chip*
Charisma – Good for you for taking it slow, Mino! :D
Minotaur – But I really want her. Maybe I should ask her out. What if she has feelings for me?
Charisma – Well, you will never know unless you ask.
Minotaur – It’d just be awkward if she rejects me. I don’t want to take the risk. Maybe it is better if we just stay friends. But there is a good chance she’d have feelings for me back.
Charisma – *gets up, pounds table* YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND LIKE A GIRL CHANGES CLOTHES! *stomps back behind counter*
Minotaur – *sigh*
? – Mino?
Minotaur – *looks up* Frozen Girl? :D
*audience claps*
Frozen Girl – Hey, Mino! I haven’t seen you in forever! *sits down*
Minotaur – Yeah, since I threw everyone off that yacht during our venture to France!
Frozen Girl – Heh, yeah. That wasn’t one of my best days. I got attacked by a hammerhead shark and had to be hospitalized for 2 months!
*they both a laugh*
Minotaur – *wipes jolly tears* Oh, you still got it.
Frozen Girl – So, what’s been going on?
Minotaur – Well, I sliced off your cousin’s head for murdering a bunch of people.
Frozen Girl – I heard about that. We didn’t have a funeral because she was a psycho. Go on.
Minotaur – I brought an evil pizza to life that tried to kill us.
Frozen Girl – You seem to have a lot of life-threatening adventures. Did it taste good?
Minotaur – Yeah, but we gotten horribly obese after that and had to undergo liposuction. Then, I met a girl named Wolfgang at the movies.
Frozen Girl – A girl named Wolfgang, huh? *gets an irritated look frozen on her face lol frozen, glances over to the door*
Minotaur – Yeah, she’s really great! She cares for me and everything. She’s really beautiful and funny and –
Frozen Girl – *turns back to Mino* Hey, how about we visit the studio for old times sake!
Minotaur – Oh yeah, sure! But it’s 4PM. The recording stopped an hour ago.
Frozen Girl – Well, how about tomorrow?
Minotaur – Sounds epic! :D
Frozen Girl – Great! Let’s go sight-seeing in Canada or something!
Minotaur – Alrighty!
– sight-seeing montage to lazy to describe, use your imagination –
And so Frozen Girl and Minotaur bonded in Canada sight-seeing everywhere. They even mastered the language Canadian, which is basically adding Eh at the end of everything and saying Aboot instead of about. By the way, this is Bradley. I’m the weird announcer guy I guess for all the episodes. This is official now! ;D
*in Terrance and Phllip Memorial Park, Canada, at sunset, sitting on a bench looking into the sunset*
Frozen Girl – This was a really fun day, Minotaur. But does it really have to come to an end?
Minotaur – Maybe it doesn’t have to. *gets on knees, pulls out small ring box* Frozen Girl, will you do me the honor and be Mrs. Falcon? :D
Frozen Girl – I do! *starts to tear, hugs Mino*
*at noon, PWH Studios*
Ryku – How about we go skydiving?
Zey – Nah.
Ryku – Make a parody of Harry Potter?
Wolfgang – Nah, MT’s keeping that in mind for a filler.
Ryku – How about we go jaywalking? :D
Kyan – No, no, NO!
Ryku – Okay, okay! Sheesh. It’s not as fun without Minotaur here.
Minotaur – *kicks open door, overly optimistic face* Guess what, guys!
Kyan – What is it?
Minotaur – I’m engaged! :D
*everyone shocked in awe*
Wolfgang – *starts crying, sniffs* R-Really?
Ryku – To who? *shudders*
Minotaur – *moves out of the way*
Frozen Girl – *walks in*
Zey – Psychopath’s cousin?
Frozen Girl – Hey, just because I’m related to a psycho doesn’t mean I inherited her psychoness!
Kyan – Congratulations then, Mino!
Minotaur – I’m surprised you’re not angry.
Kyan – Why would I be angry?
Minotaur – You loved her.
Kyan – Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. I have Megan Fox for that.
Minotaur – Well, yeah, we’re going on a nice date to celebrate tonight!
Frozen Girl – *gives Wolfgang an evil smirk*
Wolfgang – *eyes widen* Hey, Minotaur. Out of curiousity, where are you guys going? *pulls out notepad and pencil*
Minotaur – That Italian restaurant Linguinos.
Wolfgang – *writes* Okay, what’s the address?
Minotaur – 1065 Oak Ave.
Wolfgang – *writes* What’s it near?
Minotaur – That old Taco Bell where creepy senior citizens go.
Wolfgang – *writes* Time?
Minotaur – 7 of the clock.
Wolfgang – *writes, puts away notepad*
Minotaur – Those were very specific curious questions there, Gangsta. Any purpose?
Wolfgang – *nods head* Nope, just wondering.
Frozen Girl – You know what they say: Curiousity killed the cat. *chuckles*
Wolfgang – *rolls eyes* We’ll see who’s laughing at your date.
Frozen Girl – *grabs Mino’s arm, guides him towards the exit* Hunny, I think we better get ready.
Minotaur – Wait, we still have 8 hours ’til our date!
Frozen Girl – I’m a woman. I take VERY long to get ready. We have bras and makeup to worry aboot! *leaves with Mino*
Ryku – Something seems off about her.
Wolfgang – You got that right.
Kyan – Well, I don’t care as long as he’s happy.
Wolfgang – I don’t think he’s happy. *glances over*


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6 responses to “She’s Still Mine! 1/2”

  1. Izzy says :

    I kinda thought frozen girl would be nicer…
    Does she have a name?

  2. hland7 says :

    I like.

  3. Smart Kid says :

    *raises eyebrow* psycho? schizophrenic? -.-

  4. Strange Clown says :

    Hey, just because I’m related to a psycho doesn’t mean I inherited her psychoness!

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