She’s Still Mine! 2/2

Well, whaddya know! I got it in on time!

Yesterday, I had tons of fun at my grandparents’ house and I got lots of ideas to post here. I’ve got 5 ideas for the plots of the last episodes, and probably even some fillers – completely unrelated to Party with Hobos.  How would you feel if there were another superhero on the blog – that actually fights crime?

Anywho, Wolfgang puts an end to her at the date. Yadda, yadda. Here’s part two!

Last time on Party with Hobos…
*in hospital*
Minotaur – Wolfgang can’t die on us, doc!
Doctor – I’m very sorry.
Minotaur – NOOOOOO!
*in graveyard*
Ryku – *running* You could never kill me! *bumps into a zombie*
*zombie turns around and tries to make an angry expression*
Ryku – Too late.
Michael Jackson – *appears* Dance with me, guys! Thrillllllahhhhh!
*group of zombies dance behind MJ*
Ryku – How are they all doing the choreography? Did they plan this?
*in Minotaur’s mansion*
Bradley – DAD?
Minotaur – I’ve got turned into a turtle. You now have a turtle dad.
Bradley – *looks up at ceiling* WHYYYYYYYYY?
*at PWH studios*
Minotaur – I’m engaged to Frozen Girl! :D
Wolfgang – Something’s not right about her.
*at Wolfgang’s mansion, in attic, 6:30 PM*
Wolfgang – *working on a machine*
Bradley – *walks up stairs* Gangsta?
Wolfgang – *smashes head against machine, rubs head, turns to Bradley* Darn it, Bradley! Why are you here?
Bradley – My dad’s been giving all his attention to that frozen chick. They’re getting ready right now and she’s still putting on her makeup and adjusting her bra since 2 PM!
Wolfgang – Sorry to hear that, Bradley. I’m just as pish-poshed at her as you are.
Bradley – So, what are you working on, Mom?
Wolfgang – *turns to Bradley with a puzzled look*
Bradley – *blushes*
Wolfgang – *turns around, smiles* I’m working on a meatball thrower, son.
Bradley – *smiles* Could I help?
Wolfgang – Nah, but you could help me on my sinister plan to get her out of our lives.
Bradley – That’d be epic.
*8:00PM, Linguino’s*
Minotaur – *pulls out chair* Mah lady.
Frozen Girl – Thank you. *falls to butt*
Minotaur – Oh, I pushed it out too far. Sorry about that! :D
Frozen Girl – *grunts, gets up, brushes herself off, sits in chair*
Waiter – *throws 2 menus on the table, then pulls out notepad*
Frozen Girl – Uh, we probably need some time to decide.
Waiter – Oh no need for that. Look inside the menu.
Frozen Girl – *opens up menu*
*PASTA in large text stretches across menu*
Frozen Girl – Is this it?
Waiter – We also have fudge, but that’s in our dessert menu! :D
Frozen Girl – *closes menu* I guess we’ll have the pasta.
*in bushes from across their table*
Wolfgang – *peeks out, in dress in earrings, whispering tone* There they are! *turns to Bradley* Got the Meatball Thrower gun?
Bradley – *in tux* Mhm.
*at table*
Minotaur – I’m curious. Why not Ryku or Kyan? I mean, they’re the ones who faught over you.
Frozen Girl – I honestly never liked them. I always had a crush on you. I thought you were very vibrant, outgoing and full of life! I also don’t mind the green-haired boys.
Minotaur – You make me smile and die a little inside all at the same time.
Frozen Girl – But you’re a cannibal and immortal!
*they share a laugh*
Wolfgang – *imitates* But you’re a cannibal and immortal! Who does she think she is? *squinch*
Bradley – When’s my cue?
Wolfgang – I’ll let you know.
*back at table*
Waiter – *drops big plate of pasta on table*
Frozen Girl – It’s huge!
Minotaur – Took you long enough to get here.
Frozen Girl – Wait, do we have any silverware?
Waiter – Don’t be silly! *puts hats with dog ears on their heads*
Frozen Girl – This is going to mess up my hair!
Minotaur – This date just gets better and better! :D
Frozen Girl – How are we supposed to eat this?
Waiter – Put an end of a mutual noodle in your mouth. Slurp it while pretending you’re looking at something else. Then you kiss and blush.
Frozen Girl – That’s so retar –
Minotaur – EPIC!
Waiter – I’ll just leave you two alone now. *walks off somewhere*
Minotaur – *picks up one end of a noodle, wiggles it around*
Frozen Girl – *reluctantly grabs the other end*
Minotaur – *puts end in mouth*
Frozen Girl – *reciprocates*
Minotaur – *glances elsewhere, slurps*
Frozen Girl – *rolls eyes, slurps*
Minotaur – *blushes*
Frozen Girl – *dead serious reluctant stare*
Wolfgang – Now, Bradley! *sneaks off*
Bradley – *aims for FG’s chest, shoots meatball*
*at table*
Frozen Girl – *struck* HEY!
Minotaur – What?
Frozen Girl – Someone threw a meatball at me! D:<
Minotaur – You should wash that off. Your dress is ruined.
Frozen Girl – *throws hat on ground, enrages, stomps all the way to the Girls’ Bathroom*
*in Girls Bathroom*
Wolfgang – *brushing hair in mirror*
Frozen Girl – *kicks open door* YOU!
Wolfgang – *stares at FG* Hey, there!
Frozen Girl – It was you! *slaps Wolf*
Wolfgang – *giggles* Why do you want Minotaur?
Frozen Girl – Publicity.
Wolfgang – What do you mean publicity?
Frozen Girl – The press. They’re going to be wacked out. What about Winotaur? How does Wolfie feel about Mrozen Girl? She’ll be a hot mess. I wanted to ruin your life.
Wolfgang – I’ve honestly been using him too.
Frozen Girl – You have?
Wolfgang – Yeah. That’s why I was happy when I ran into him at the movie theater. I knew just being in the episode would make me famous. Me having those feelings for him are all for entertainment.
Frozen Girl – Haha, you’re winning, girl.
Wolfgang – Hehe, I know. ‘Ay, I know this really good ingredient of getting meatball stains out.
Frozen Girl – Really?
Wolfgang – Yeah, follow me in the kitchen. *pulls out walkie-talkie, whispers* Moose Forest!
Bradley – *picks up, throwing meatballs at innocent people* Yeah, Scented Garbage?
Wolfgang – Start a fire and pull the fire alarm, over. *puts away walkie-talkie*
*behind bushes*
Bradley – *reaches over empty table’s candle, grabs, smashes on the ground, pulls nearby fire alarm* FIIIIIIREEEE! *sneaks off outside*
*everyone starts to get up and leave*
Minotaur – Aw shiz! *gets up, runs to exit pushing people out of the way*
*in Girls’ Bathroom*
Wolfgang – Let’s go!
Frozen Girl – *opens door*
Wolfgang – *follows behind* I’m not sure where it is. Maybe it’s in the freezer!
*freezer door wide open*
Wolfgang – Go check!
Frozen Girl – *runs up to entrance, stops, turns to Wolf* Wait, I’m not stupid!
Wolfgang – *walks up* You are for coming this far. *kicks Frozen Girl in freezer, closers door, runs off*
*inside Freezer*
Frozen Girl – *knocks on door* Let me out!
Eskimo – Herro?
Frozen Girl – *turns around*
Eskimo – Do you want to meet my polar bears?
Frozen Girl – …
Eskimo – *smiles*
Frozen Girl – Okay.
*outside Linguino’s*
Minotaur – *crying* Whyyy?
Wolfgang – *creaks out door, walks out* Hey, Mino. What’s wrong?
Minotaur – I think FG died in the fire.
Wolfgang – Well, if she did, she would’ve wanted you to move on. I know this date wasn’t exactly how you expected, but we could make up for it at my place. *smiles, takes out plate of pasta and other dog hat from behind back*
Minotaur – *sniff, smiles*
Bradley – Let’s go home, guys!
Minotaur – No, you’re going back home. I’m going to Wolfgang’s.
Bradley – To do what?
Minotaur – Silly things. *awkwardly giggles*
Bradley – *throws up in mouth*

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6 responses to “She’s Still Mine! 2/2”

  1. hland7 says :


    I want a superhero!

    Btw, it would be totally awesome if you based an episode off of the TV show Misfits, so they all get powers.

  2. Izzy says :

    Lol Eskimos and polar bears…

  3. Popular Flame says :


  4. Bam! says :

    Woah… Shouldnt eat da hippie… JK! XD Minotaur kiss FG?! Woah… OMG DAH HIPPIE IS CONTAGIOUS!!!! FLEE FOR DA HILLS!!!!!!!! lmao..

  5. Zey-shomi says :

    I’m commenting even though I didn’t read it. Yay.

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