No new episodes for a while. Blame Codien. Where is he anyways?

See you guys soon! :)

x MT


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

3 responses to “Hiatus!”

  1. Popular Flame says :

    MT. Remember the b’day thing I asked u? Thats ok if u forgot. :) I got a plush cat from my mom, a bear with a box of chocs tied at the middle, from my dad and my sis/ lil bro made a b’day card which was awesome. And sis baked me a choc cake. *Nom Nom* LMAO!

  2. Popular Flame says :

    P.S Bam! and Popular Flame are the same . :3

  3. Popular Flame says :

    As in, both of mai acc.

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