de / bro / skied : 1. the act of ending a relationship with your best friend, or broski

Was that hiatus long enough? I guess I have a little writing block or something. I even considered giving Party with Hobos away or something. Just carelessness. A sudden lack of interest. But I knew it’d be rude just to leave without warning like Codien. :D

So, here’s a dramatic episode if you like dramatic episode. Also, I apologize that it’s so short.

When Ryku kisses Wolfgang during a game of Truth or Kiss, Minotaur takes it over the edge.

Read on, broskis and sisskis.

*backstage, PWH Studios*
Wolfgang – *putting on blush*
Ryku – *glances over* Heh, since when did you use blush, Gangsta?
Wolfgang – Oh, I thought I mind as well look my best.
Ryku – You never care for looking your best. Sometimes, you just show up looking like Jo from State of Georgia.
Wolfgang – *giggles* Okay, I want to be all pimped up for Mino, since the whole Frozen Girl incident and all. He seems very easy to seduce. Very easy to steal.
Ryku – I suppose. OH WAIT! I forgot to tell you that Mino is sick today. We were planning to play Truth or Kiss to distract the readers.
Wolfgang – Oh my Bieber! D:< I got my hair done and everything!
Ryku – Well, I still think you look very beautiful, Gangsta.
Wolfgang – *smiles*
*at the PWH Studio, filmin’ livvvvveee*
Zey – Welcome to Party with Hobos, the show where Codien abandoned MT leaving him to finish the entire season by himself! :D
Kyan – You might be wondering why we’re sitting criss-cross applesauced on the floor.
Ryku – It’s because we’re going to play Truth or Kiss! :D
Wolfgang – That’s right! We ask someone truth or kiss. If they say Truth, we ask them a question in which they have to answer honestly and we have our special lying detector or else we’ll throw them in our shark tank! :3
Intern – *pulls up curtain*
*a tank with a huge shark smiling evilly shows*
*audience gasps*
Ryku – Fun.
Wolfgang – If they say kiss, they have to kiss the asker.
Zey – Bow chicka wow.
Bradley – *with a suit on, holding microphone* Let’s get this thing started! :D
Zey – Kyan, Truth or Kiss?
Kyan – Truth.
Zey – Is it true you’re dating Megan Fox?
Kyan – *glances over to shark, bites lip nervously*
*shark’s eyes widen*
Kyan – No.
*lying detector says FALSE*
Kyan – WHAT?
Megan Fox – *kicks open door* I LOVE YOU, KYAN!
Kyan – I was just joking! D:
Intern – *pulls Kyan by his arm*
Kyan – *dragging on the floor into the shadows* NOOOOOO!
Zey – How does HE get HER?
Ryku – True that.
Zey – Since we’re going backwards alphabetically, Wolfie, you’re next.
Wolfgang – Epic!* Ryku, Truth or Kiss?
Ryku – *heart starts beating faster, sweats* Kiss?
Wolfgang – *smiles, puckers lips*
Ryku – *puckers lips*
Minotaur – *smashes open doors* That chicken noodle soup did the trick! :D
*Ryku and Wolf kiss*
Minotaur – *watches, faints*
Wolfgang – *looks over* Oh my turtle! Mino! D:
Ryku – *feels guilty, puts head down, closes eyes*
*five seconds later*
Zey – *pulling Mino back by the arms*
Wolfgang – *blocking Ryku* It was a game, I swear!
Zey – Yeah, calm down!
Minotaur – *calms down*
Zey – *lets go of Mino*
Ryku – *walks in front of Wolf, confronts Mino face to face*
Minotaur – How could you do this to me?
Ryku – It was a game, Mino.
Minotaur – But you KNOW how much that girl means to me! She means the world to me!
Zey – Yeah, Ryku. You could’ve said Truth.
Ryku – Thanks for having my back, Zey.
Zey – I can’t help it. My creator’s on drugs.
Minotaur – *lifts up sleeve, a tattoo with the word BROSKI and an arrow pointing towards Ryku*
Ryku – *lifts up sleeve, same tattoo with arrow pointing towards Mino*
Minotaur – It means nothing anymore, Ryku.
Ryku – I said I’m sorry, I didn’t know it’d hurt you that much.
Minotaur – Well, it did. *walks away*
Ryku – I feel awful.
Zey – You should feel awful.
Ryku – I hate you.
*at Mino’s mansion, master bedroom*
Minotaur – *curled up on bed, hugging Rainbow Dash pillow, sad* I can’t believe he’d do that. Of all the good memories we had, this is – unexceptable. I can’t even.. *sigh*
*at Ryku’s mansion, master bedroom*
Ryku – *curled up on bed, hugging Edward Cullen pillow, sad* It’s just a game, I had no idea he’d take it so badly. It’s not like I’m in a relationship with her or anything. *sigh*
*at Wolfgang’s mansion, master bedroom*
Wolfgang – *curled up on bed, hugging cat pillow, sad* The thing is I only like Ryku as a friend. He’s just a friend and nothing more. I love Mino with all my heart, but I ruined my chances. It’s over.
*at hospital, Kyan’s room*
Kyan – *in bed* How in the world would I know that Megan Fox liked me? I mean, me out of all people. At least my self-esteem increased.
* = Do girls say epic?

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

7 responses to “Debroskied”

  1. Bam! says :

    I dunno. I dunno If girls say EPIC or not. EVEN IM A GIRL! LOLOLOLOLOL! Anywayz… nice episode!
    I mean.. ABSOLOUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Codien says :

    I’m very busy Tacoz. It’s a shame because I really want to get involved but I can’t. So much work. I’ll be on the market soon though, writing hilarities and other nonsense.

  3. Brave Tomato/ Eliza Williams the Huntress says :

    I’m a girl and I do say Epic fail. Epic story, epic movie.. Etc etc…

  4. Strange Clown says :

    EPICZZZZ!!!!!!!Lol,he has an Edward Cullen pillow?;p

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