The Truth

I’m just glad Codien is back in the picture, but he’s hiding. :O

This episode was free-written and came out wonderfully. It takes place a day before Party with Hobos premiered on the former-existent Poptropica Help Forums where the original cast, Minotaur and Ryku, are pitching the original plot of the PWH to the admin, Coderkid.

Does this mean the premise is finally revealed? You got that right, question.

By the way, happy Saturday! I’m goin’ to the beaaach or something.

*in CK’s office, June 13th, 2010*
Minotaur – So, we have an idea for this new user TV show.
Ryku – Yeah, it’s called Party with Hobos!
CK – Why would I want some homeless alcoholics partying on my forum?
Ryku – It’s not exactly about partying with hobos. It’s a show where we interview your members – that may or may not drift off the original idea if your forum goes under maintenance for months.
CK – Well, how should I know this show is even quality?
Minotaur – We’ve brought some scripts, my fellow bro. *drops stack of papers on CK’s desk*
CK – *takes script on top of stack, reads*
Minotaur – Welcome to Party with Hobos, the show made of 100% IMAGGGINAAATIONNN! xD
Ryku – Please welcome our first guest, MF!
MF – *walks out*
Audience – BOOOOOOO!
MF – D:< *sits down on couch* Is everyone this mean? >:(
Ryku – To you at least. LOL. xD
CK – *makes a disgusted stare*
Ryku – What’s wrong?
CK – This is just – perfect! :D
Minotaur – Are you serious? ‘Cause you made me seriously nervous, bro!
CK – Stop overusing bro, man! This thing is just quality!
Ryku – Seriously? :D
CK – Yeah, I love this thing!
Minotaur – I’m flattered. :3
CK – This is going to be known worldwide! PWH is the best thing since Homestuck!
Ryku – You know what Homestuck is?
CK – No, but I heard it somewhere and lots of people like it, so..
Ryku – Oh, well, this is awkward.
Minotaur – Yep.
CK – Anyway, let’s talk business!
Minotaur – Business? :O
CK – You’re going to get your own crew and everything!
Ryku – *gasps*
CK – But you don’t write it.
Minotaur – What?
Ryku – We don’t get to write the scripts?
CK – Of course not!
Minotaur – Then who does?
CK – Your creator, MonkeyTacoz.
MT – *appears* My children!
Ryku – *rolls eyes*
MT – Don’t you roll your eyes at me, mister! D:<
Minotaur – Why do you get to write it?
MT – Because you’re figments of my imagination.
Ryku – That’s what we’ve been searching for all along.
MT – The truth?
Ryku – Yes! I’m not depressed anymore! :D
MT – I didn’t know you were depressed.
Ryku – I’m depressed?
MT – Well, no, you just – no, you’re not depressed, because you know the truth.
Ryku – What’s the truth?
MT – You’re not real.
Ryku – Oh.
MT – Yes.
Minotaur – lolwut.
MT – So, anywho, I’ll post your very first episode tomorrow!
Ryku – We don’t have to do any filming?
MT – Why would we have to do filming when I could just write a few low-grammared sentences and call it an episode?
Minotaur – lol you got a point thar.
CK – Wait a second! That’s all it is?
MT – What?
CK – A few low-grammared sentences?
MT – Yeah.
CK – Then maybe I don’t want this on my forum!
MT – Maybe I didn’t ask for your stupid, nerdy permission in the first place!
Ryku – *pokes MT* Uh, Mr. Tacoz..
MT – Not now, Ryku, I’m grring. GRRR!!
Ryku – I was just thinking. If you’re writing this, will you still make it funny?
MT – Of course! I can’t write anything serious without adding jokes to it. That’s why Buh-Lay was cancelled.
Ryku – Also, how will you write it?
MT – *turns to Ryku, shades appear on eyes* IMPROV!
Ryku – IMPROV! *shades appear*
CK – *puts chin on MT’s shoulder* GRRR!
MT – *slaps CK* In fact, episodes will be exactly like this!
Minotaur – Oh boy, this is going to be fun.
ican’tbelieveistillmadeitallthisway. thanksguys.

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

2 responses to “The Truth”

  1. Smart Kid says :

    *puts thumbs up*

  2. MT- says :

    Why is this one of my favorite episodes.

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