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WiG: The Revenge 2/2

my computer has been real screwy lately, so i’m surprised i got this in on time..

This episode of the PWH is brought to you in part by:
What is Gravity: The Revenge 1/2, read it or else you won't get this.

This will probably be the last episode for quite a while, until either Codien is back in
the picture or I have a really great idea. Or both.

Not much to say about this episode, but lets just hope you could understand it. :D

With Minotaur left abandoned in the chamber and Bradley about to be thrown into space, the carrot turns out to be the solution to everything.

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WiG: The Revenge 1/2

sorry for no episodes last weekend, but here’s one! i’m also considering moving PWH to blogger, what would you think?

Four more episodes left, meaning an epic two-parter for a season finale!

Today's episode of the PWH was brought to you in part by:
What is Gravity: The Musical, a PWH classic from Season Three.

This episode was originally the concept for the Christmas episode, inspired by the episode of My Life As A Teenage Robot where Jenny woke up trapped in a robot aside toy villain, Killgore.

When Minotaur and Bradley wake up in a mysterious chamber, Bradley goes inside the air vaults to find out why.

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