WiG: The Revenge 1/2

sorry for no episodes last weekend, but here’s one! i’m also considering moving PWH to blogger, what would you think?

Four more episodes left, meaning an epic two-parter for a season finale!

Today's episode of the PWH was brought to you in part by:
What is Gravity: The Musical, a PWH classic from Season Three.

This episode was originally the concept for the Christmas episode, inspired by the episode of My Life As A Teenage Robot where Jenny woke up trapped in a robot aside toy villain, Killgore.

When Minotaur and Bradley wake up in a mysterious chamber, Bradley goes inside the air vaults to find out why.

*in a hidden chamber somewhere*
Bradley – *wakes up, wipes eyes, gets up, stretches,  looks around*
Minotaur – *sleeping on cold metal floor*
Bradley – How’d we get in here? I don’t remember falling asleep in a chamber, yet, I don’t remember falling asleep at all.
Minotaur – *drooling, burping*
Bradley – Gross, dude. *kicks Mino*
Minotaur – *awakens immediately, turns to Bradley angrily*
Bradley – *leaning back on wall, bites carrot in hand* Eh, what’s up, doc?
Minotaur – *calms, looks around* What’s going on? Where are we?
Bradley – I don’t know, but I’m eating a carrot apparently. *takes another bite*
Minotaur – *moves arms around*
Bradley – What are you doing?
Minotaur – Trying to do fire cannon.
Bradley – Why isn’t it working?
Minotaur – I don’t know. Something must be wrong with my wires or something. *gets up*
Bradley – *walks behind Mino, pulls up shirt* Your wires are gone!
Minotaur – What?!
Bradley – How are we supposed to get out?
Minotaur – *notices door, runs over, tries turning doorknob* It’s locked.
Bradley – *looks up* There’s an airvent. Maybe I could climb up on your shoulders or something.
Minotaur – Alright, son. Climb up there.
Bradley – *jumps on Mino’s shoulders*
Minotaur – PAIN!
Bradley – lol srry
Minotaur – Brad, I turn into a human when there’s something wrong with my wires. I’m very sensitive.
Bradley – A human with horns?
Minotaur – I already look like a human.
Bradley – *punches down airvent* How come you never show your bull side?
Minotaur – I’m not sure why. I made a promise to myself never to show that side again..
Bradley – That sucks. *jumps in*
Minotaur – Find a way to open the door, Bradley!
Bradley – I will, man! *climbing through air vault* Doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom do DOOM, DOOOM doom do-doom, DOOM do-doom doom doooom, doom doom dooom, do-do-DOOOM! *hears voices, crawls towards nearest air vents*
*in another room*
DV – We finally got them after all of these seasons.
DV’s Minion – *listening to iPod*
DV – *slaps Minion* Pay attention, you fool!
DV’s Minion – I realize now how inaccurate this spoof of Star Wars is compared to the real thing. I mean, where’s the storm troopers? And why are we even messing with these losers anyways?
DV – Because on July 6th, 2010, I was bored and struck their spaceship with a laser, then they destroyed my ship. Now that I recently got it prepared after staying with my mother for a year, I thought I’d get revenge on them now.
*in air vault*
Bradley – *gasps, punches airvent down, jumps out*
DV – *turns to Bradley* What the – ? You destroyed my airvent, little girl! D:< Oh wait, you’re the kid I captured.
Bradley – I know my dad may have did some stupid things in the past, but that’s no excuse to capture us like some creeper pedo bear.
DV – Revenge is always the answer!
Bradley – Who told you that?
DV – I did.
Bradley – lol you talk to yourself?
DV – Shut up! Everybody does it at least once in their lifetime.
Bradley – You must be so alone. *crosses arms*
DV – I am. *cries*
Bradley – Wow, that was easy. *quietly walks over to door*
DV’s Minion – Holt!
Bradley – Eek! *runs to door, nervously tries to unlock door*
DV’s Minion – *tackles Bradley to the ground, handcuffs*
Bradley – *stands up along with Minion*
DV’s Minion – *escorts Bradley out of room*
Bradley – Where are you taking me?
DV’s Minion – What do astronauts do?
Bradley – They travel in space.
DV’s Minion – You answered your own question.
Bradley – You’re going to throw me in space? But I don’t have powers like my dad! D:
DV’s Minion – I don’t have powers either, but I survived. Now, you’ll know how I’ll feel.
Bradley – DADDY!
DV’s Minion – *covers Brad’s mouth*
Bradley – *crying*

Since when did they start calling Bradley ‘Brad’? And will the Episodes page EVER update? Find out in less than 24 hours!


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5 responses to “WiG: The Revenge 1/2”

  1. Izzi says :

    DV stands for Darth Vader, right?

  2. Zingo:D says :

    Minotaur – Find a way to open the door, Bradley!
    Bradley – I will, man! *climbing through air vault* Doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom do DOOM, DOOOM doom do-doom, DOOM do-doom doom doooom, doom doom dooom, do-do-DOOOM! *hears voices, crawls towards nearest air vents*


  3. Strange Clown says :

    I liked the musical better.

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