The House is Live.

Are you ready for the curtain call?

Why hello there, Hobos.

It appears we haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Firstly, I’m not dead. I haven’t hit my head and have been stranded in the middle of the bush with nothing but a kangaroo skin, a packet of chips and a sleeping bag with an iPhone and a car. I’ve simply been hiding.

So what’s new? I’ve just turned 18. I have my car license. I can legally drink alcohol. And I’m graduating High School in 2 weeks. Yeah, we all grow up fast.

But don’t panic MT and fellow readers. I shall be writing some small episodes for the lovable characters you have so deviously devised. But when? Soon. Probably between my final studying for my final exams. It’s scary to think that this time next year I’ll be at university.

I’ll hopefully be devising some art with MT that may or may not be moving.

Until then, Enjoy the rest of the season.


About Paul Tuohy

Learning to write my counter thoughts.

4 responses to “The House is Live.”

  1. super typhoon/ pikachu da ninja says :

    when dere gonna be new episodes

  2. MT- says :

    We’re going straight to the season finale, guys.
    It should be up in mid/late October or early November.

  3. -.-Cyclone-.- says :

    Guess. Wut.

    MT and Codien may like it. :)

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