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It’s finally here, the official Halloween special for Party with Hobos.

The alternate ending was one of those wake up ones that was actually unfunny and depressing, and it didn’t really fit its title. And since I wanted the title of the Halloween special to be named after the catchy Beyonce song, I simply changed it to one that will be memorable and will put a smile on your face, because I refuse to give you nothing other than my best. You’re welcome.

I’m still getting adjusted to working back on the PWH solo, and I have a lot of episodes planned out. They should premiere sometime in early or mid November.

Have a fun and safe Halloween if possible and may you earn tons of candy!

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Let’s just get this over with.

It’s about time to enter the phase of change.

Update: The development for TTRS has been stopped. Another Halloween special is coming your way to kick off the season. Still jotting down some ideas.

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