Sorry 4 Tha Wait

Happy New Year! :3

You wouldn’t believe what I got for Christmas – a brand new laptop!

Due to this wonderful present, I could focus on PWH more – but the bad thing is I lost my motivation and I’m suffering from writers’ block. D:

Since I got most of my great ideas at night, I decided to whip up a quick episode at 4 AM. You’re welcome, and sorry for the wait. :/

When Party with Hats disses the Hobos online, they’re left with nothing to do but to diss back – with a special guest that could easily own them.

*at Party with Hats studio*
Ryka – Why don’t we get that many viewers?
Kian – Face it, Ryka. We’re boring.
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – We wear stupid hats.
Zay – Our names are even stupid.
Golfwang – True that.
Kian – Hey, I think I got an idea!
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Please tell us! D:
Kian – Diss rap.
Golfwang – What do you know about rapping?
Kian – Nothing, but maybe if we all collaborate we could make something that isn’t – THAT dumb.
Zay – Alright then.
*the next day, PWH studios*
Ryku – And then I had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast! :D
Wolfgang – Ryku, no one cares.
Kyan – Fo’realz.
Zey – *on laptop* OH MY GOSH!
Minotaur – What?
Zey – I’ll put it on the monitor.
*on monitor, Party with Hats’ rap video shows*
Ryka – I’m making sandwiches from the money we make.
Zay – Ain’t sharing with Hobos, and soon we will take –
Kian – Everything they earned making them crappy shows.
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Our show is a yes and yours is a no!
Everyone – Remix!
Golfwang – Mino is straight ugly.
Kyan lookin’ like Muttley.
Ryku has guy-lights.
Why do you Wolfgang try?
And don’t even get me started on Zey,
’cause wearing scarves in the Summer ain’t even ok.
*monitor goes back up in ceiling*
Minotaur – What the heck just happened?
Wolfgang – They just dissed us – with their 304 views.
Zey – Don’t worry about this, y’all. I got connections. *extracts iPhone from scarf, starts texting*
Nicki Minaj – *opens door* Zey Zey! :D
Zey – Hey, barbs. :3
Kyan – How do you know Nicki?
Zey – I’m famous, bish.
Nicki Minaj – Alright, so who dissin’ y’all?
Minotaur – Our rival show, Party with Hats.
Nicki Minaj – That show is hecka wack.
Zey – IKR!
Nicki Minaj – Don’t worry, I think I got somethin’ in mind.
*at Party with Hats studio*
Kian – We got them!
Zay – Yeah, they are so scared of us now! :D
Golfwang – *on laptop* I don’t think so.
MinoTotalDramaWorldTaur – Open up the monitor.
Golfwang  *grabs remote, clicks*
*whole monitor breaks and falls down*
Golfwang – Oh, well, I guess we’ll just going to have to watch from my laptop.
*on laptop, video plays*
Minotaur – Who y’all think you is tryna diss?
Ryku – Don’t be mad, because our booties you kiss.
Kyan – Can’t even afford a working monitor, y’all think you hard?
Zey – Owning y’all so bad, we gonna make y’all retire. Brett Farve.
Everyone – REMIX!
Wolfgang – Golfwang can’t even dress herself, so check yourself.
Envying me because you don’t like yourself. Go in, Nicki.
Nicki Minaj – My rhymes so tricky,
and yes, they even got Nicki.
I’mma injure you bishes,
I’mma gut you fishes.
Leave my team alone,
before I own you deeper, mo’fos.
*video stops*
Ryka – Maybe we shouldn’t mess with PWH again.
Kian – Yeah, that wasn’t a good idea.




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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

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    I should be in this. Just saying

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