Purple Pills

Great news to bring! Codien had informed me on our secret episode-making site. He’s doing a bachelor of Journalism, Communications, and Media Studies at UNI in a month – which means his holidays end in a month. Yep, our little Cody is growing up. He misses making episodes, and regrets not making some during his break due to his unfortunate case of Writing Block.

I’m here to bring you the third episode of the season and hopefully I could finish this up before Summer or better yet Mid-Spring. Named after the D12 song,  I describe this episode as either controversial or nostalgic. Maybe a little bit of both. Anyhoo!

Also, this was going to be called Haters Gonna Hate 3/2. So, you should probably know what this is about without reading the synopsis. :P

After claiming to be the victim of a hate crime, Zey sues the Hobos over their disliking of one his obsessions.

*at PWH studio*
Ryku – Kyan, has anyone ever told you that you have a nice bottom?
Kyan – Not any males.
Ryku – *bites lip*
Wolfgang – *taps Kyan* Ryku hasn’t been taking his pills.
Kyan – What pills?
Wolfgang – His Kyaniflirtititus. Whenever he doesn’t take his pills, he has to flirt with you.
Kyan – That awkward moment when Ryku is flirting with me. >_<
Minotaur – *slaps Kyan in the back of the head* NO!
Kyan – *rubs head, turns to Mino* What did I do?
Minotaur – We’re leaving that in 2011! Kingsley said so! D:
Wolfgang – *taps Kyan* Oh, and Minotaur converted to Kingsleyism.
Zey – *opens door* Hello, bronies! :D *gallops to couch*
Ryku – What’s a brony?
Minotaur – A bro pony. It’s a male fan of some My Little Pony show.
Kyan – *giggles* Isn’t that show for toddlers?
Zey – Nope, it’s for people on the internet. Trust me. Hub planned it all out.
Minotaur – Hm, I don’t like that show.
Wolfgang – Me neither.
Ryku – Nada.
Zey – I’m the only person here who likes this show? GREAT NOW I FEEL SINGLED OUT AND I’M GOING TO CRY ON THE WAY OUT SOB SOB SOB *runs outside crying*
Ryku – So, Kyan… Do you have any shirts that still have your smell in it..
Kyan – Leave me alone, please.
Minotaur – Gosh, for some reason I believe his meltdown will cause major consequences.
*the next day, in courthouse*
– the Hobos lay in the Defendant side, while Zey hides behind his Plantiff side with his lawyer-
Zey – It’s called Hate Crime, Wolfie. You judged me on something I cannot control. Same goes for ethnics and homosexuals.
Minotaur – Yeah, but not bronies!
Zey – We’re all human, bro.
Judge – *bangs gravel* Order in the court! Oh hey, it’s the PWH crew. Remember when I was dancing, guys? Remember my tricks? I was cool, huh?
Kyan – Yes. *rolls eyes*
Judge – Plantiff, please introduce your case.
Zey – *rises from seat* Your honor, I have been judged against due to my liking of ponies which I clearly cannot control.
Judge – Hate Crime?
Zey – Yes, sir.
Judge – And who will be your lawyer this evening?
Charisma – *rises from seat* Hi there! :D *waves obnoxiously*
Kyan – Charisma?!
Charisma – I must’ve forgotten to tell you I went to law school, best friend!
Kyan – Why are you representing Zey?
Charisma – I love My Little Pony! :O
Kyan – *rolls eyes, pouts* See, this is why I limit who I trust.
Judge – Plantiff, sit your big booties down. Defendants, I understand you are the remaining current crew of Party with Hobos. Who will be representing you today?
Dasr – *rises from seat* Dasr at your service.
*whole court gasps*
Judge – But Dasr, I thought you got murdered!
Dasr – My bones are very unique. First, they get smashed and then they repair themselves. Kinda like sharks’ teeth.
Judge – Oh, whatever. Dasr, please tell us what had occured.
Dasr – It was a bright afternoon at the PWH Studio. Two Post Meridian, I believe. They were conversing about Ryku’s case of Kyaniflirtititus. Then, Zey greeting the Hobos as bronies, the term for a male fanatic of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The crew simply stated their disliking of the show, causing Zey to get butthurt and leave dramatically.
Judge – Charisma, care to tell.
Charisma – *clears throat, rises* It was a relatively-cloudy afternoon; around two is when the tragedy had occurred. Zey rushed in, greeting the Hobos as bronies. The crew then made fun of Zey calling him “big head” and “ugly scarf” which made Zey cry. He then ran out and filled this lawsuit.
Minotaur – What the – THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN AT ALL!
Judge – Calm your torso, Mino.
Minotaur – *crosses arms, threatening look on face*
Judge – Dasr, do you provide any evidence today?
Dasr – Why yes. I acquired this bootleg broadcast from an audience member who decided to tape us. If you would like to put in the CD?
Guard – *grabs disk, puts it in TV set*
Judge – Oh, this getting juicy! :D
*TV set shows what really happened*
Judge – *le gasp* Zey, I’m afraid you are a big filthy liar – unless you could top this.
Charisma – We bought you this Halloween-sized bag of Snickers.
Judge – *drools*
Wolfgang – Whoa! You can’t bribe the judge, that’s illegal.
Dasr – Don’t worry, Wolfie.
Wolfgang – Huh?
Dasr – Shhh!
Wolfgang – *lowers tone* Aight then.
*machine beeping noises are heard outside*
Judge – What’s that?
*round piece of ceiling lands on floor, thousands of Snicker bars fill up the courthouse*
Judge – Oh my Buddha! Dasr wins the case! *pounds gravel*
Jury – *all at once* What about us?
Judge – Your opinion doesn’t matter. :D
Jury – D:
Minotaur – WE WIN! *dances*
Wolfgang – *grabs Dasr, kisses* Wow, I never kissed a cat before.
Dasr – I never kissed a colored girl before.
Both – I like it. *they both keep kissing passionately*
Ryku – *grabs Kyan, puckers lips*
Kyan – *pushes off* Leave me alone! D:
Ryku’s Mom – *opens court doors* Honey! Oh dear, look at all dem Snickers. I have your pills!
Ryku – *rushes over, opens bottle case and swallows them all*
Kyan – *wipes sweat off forehead*



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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

11 responses to “Purple Pills”

  1. THIS GUY! says :

    Lesson learned:

    Always remember the pills

  2. AliceHopeGranger says :

    This is very realistic and in-character lol

  3. Codien says :

    Naw thanks Monta Keyco.

  4. super typhoon/ pikachu da ninja/fordelulz/ST4 says :

    dasr+wolfgang moment??
    i dont watch MLP, but i like rarity and rainbow dash

  5. Zey-shomi says :

    One word: Why?

  6. Strange Clown says :


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