Hobos In Paris

..and they goin’ gorillas – heh!

Bonjour, everyone! As you all know, Valentine’s Day is coming up and I never made a special for this special occasion! I’d mostly rate this PG-13 for some of the jokes and shizzle placed in here. Nothing explict though, just sillyness.

Before you view this, I mean spoil you – this stars the wonderful and ever so talented Blooberry95! Who could also be added to the recurring characters if she’s interesting enough, but I haven’t told the real Bloo about it though. So, shhh! Hey guys, could friends be Valentines? Just asking, because I got some personal problems of my own, lol.

Anyhoo, here’s your description & episodeee..

On Valentines Day, the Hobos travel to Paris, home of the Eiffel Tower, and transform from co-workers to valentines.

*in Paris, sitting in an outside cafe*
Wolfgang – The smell of croissants is just lovely.
Minotaur – Not as lovely as you look right now.
Wolfgang – Aw, Mino. You’re so cute. *kisses forehead*
Minotaur – *blushes*
Wolfgang – This is really beautiful, and I’m glad you brought along the rest of the gang too. Too bad they don’t have dates.
Minotaur – I’m hogging you all up, lol.
Wolfgang – LOLOMGROFLBBQ Well, this scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Good job on pleasing me, Mino. I’m totally reconsidering breaking up with you. ^u^
Minotaur – Aw, I’m really – wait, what..
*at other table*
Ryku – So..the Giants won.
Kyan – *hand rests on face with elbow on the table* I rooted for the Patriots.
Ryku – Madonna put on a good preformance. M.I.A. looked pretty hot, right? And not to mention Nicki Minaj’s big booty-thang.
Kyan – She was making weird faces and yelled in my face, so it turned me off. *sighs*
Ryku – Why aren’t you having fun?
Kyan – I don’t even have a Valentine. It sucks to not have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day. It’s like being Jewish on Christmas..
Ryku – Well, actually, Jews have their own holiday during –
Kyan – It doesn’t matter. I hate this day.
Ryku – I could be your Valentine..
Kyan – Ryku, do I have to point out to you that bros can’t be valentines. It’s part of the Guy Code.
Ryku – Have fun being alone. :D *gets up out of seat*
Kyan – *grabs arm* Wait..
Ryku – *turns*
Kyan – FINE, you could be my valentine.
Ryku – :D
*at nearby table*
Zey – So, I hear you’re a virgo.
Bloo – No.
Zey – How old are you?
Bloo – 16. Do I have to remind you about the age of consent, you twenty year-old weirdo.
Zey – Why do you hate me? D:
Bloo – It’s that – time of the month..
Zey – Oh..
Bloo – Yeah. Well this is wonderful NO IT WASN’T I HATED IT FFFUUUUUU I sure do love the scenery here
Zey – *gets out off chair, giggling, runs*
Bloo – Come back! D:
Zey – *stops near the Eiffel Tower, looks up* Awesome. *goes inside*
*in the fields*
Ryku – *holds hands* Bro..
Kyan – What?
Ryku – This is such an awesome place. Too bad the French hate us.
Kyan – *sigh*
Ryku – *lets go* Alright, something’s up.
Kyan – It’s nothing, man.
Ryku – There must be.
Kyan – I think, I think I’m in love with you.
Kyan – *backs away* Yo, mayne. I was just joking.
Ryku – So was I. :D
Kyan – You’re weird. *turns jogs away*
Ryku – *tears*
Kyan – *turns around* GOTCHA!
Ryku – GOTCHA!
*they do brohug*
*inside the Eiffel Tower*
Bloo – *crawls inside, sniffs the ground* Oh, there you are.
Zey – What do you what from me, Bloo? You’re creeping me out.
Bloo – I’m sorry, man. Didn’t mean for it to be this way.  I really do like you. You’re a down to earth bro.
Zey – You mean it?
Bloo – And because of that, I think you deserve a kiss. *kisses Zey on the lips*
Zey – *blushes* Whoa.
Bloo – *wipes off lipstick* Haha.
*over at the lake*
Minotaur – You want to go swimming? :D
Wolfgang – Sure. Whoever gets to the other side first wins!
Minotaur – You’re on!
Wolfgang – *strips off clothes to bikini*
Minotaur – Ahw.
Wolfgang – What?
Minotaur – You’re wearing a bikini. :3
Wolfgang – *playfully jabs Mino in the shoulder* Shut up, jajajaja
Wolfgang – JAJAJAJAJ

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

6 responses to “Hobos In Paris”

  1. Kat :3 says :

    Awesome, well-written, and amazing are just a few of the words I would use to describe this PWH post. I’d definitely recommend this to my friends or just anyone who loves a good, funny story.
    5/5 Stars

    Remember to read more!

  2. Kat :3 says :

    Just be happy that I commented.

  3. Matt Curtis says :

    That’s the weirdest thing I’ve read in the longest time.

    ..Good job.

    Seriously though, WTF is going on in that batcave head of yours?

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