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Filler: The Creator

*dances all over the place* It’s my birrrrrthday, ayee!

Since the season is over, and just leaving you all with nothing else fun to read over the Spring, I hope that a filler every other week will cover your needs. Today happens to be the thirteenth anniversary of the day I was born, so here’s a silly little filler about that. Have you guys ever seen that Melanie Amaro  Pepsi commercial? Imagine the scenery like that – except I don’t look like Elton John. But I hope you enjoy. ;o

When the creator doesn’t know what to do for his birthday, he asks the Hobos to help him think of something.

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British Idols 2/2

I’ve had so much fun writing this; I didn’t even look away at my computer once.

Tomorrow is my birthday, which will spawn a quick filler because I’m conceited. And that’s only the first of the fillers you will see. But you’re gonna have to wait all the way ’til June 14th, the date that will make Party with Hobos two years old and premiere the 100th episode. I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself! :o But here’s the more exciting part filled with toenail painting, falling from buildings and ghetto superheroes. Quite a strange way to end a season if you put it like that..

When Wolfgang sneaks into One Direction’s hotel, she makes Bradley help her get in their hotel room.

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British Idols 1/2

Have you ever wanted to meet someone so bad that you would take extreme risks? No? Me neither.

This is, of course, inspired by the mainstream boy band, One Direction, and this is mainly poking fun at their fans – since I followed a lot of them on Twitter, so I could get follow-backs. Shhh, don’t tell. By the way, unless you like your timeline filled up non-stop about a celebrity you may or may not like, it’s obviously not a good idea.

But anyway, here is your first half of the two part season finale ( which counts as two episodes technically ) & I hope you enjoy.

When Wolfgang loses her tickets to see One Direction, she plots to take an extreme approach to meet them.

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Easter Eggs

Happy Easter, everyone !

Now, I know I was a little late, Western side. But that was only due to school – and writing block. But either way, this is a colorful special filled with sarcasm, smashed mansions and Harry Styles. Also meany-butt Easter Bunnies!!!!!!! >:-(

But anyhow, here is your very cray cray Easter special. ;D

When the Easter Bunny accidently smashes the Easter eggs and demands for more, Minotaur is forced to give him what he wants.

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The Crewneck

You know what I want for my birthday? One of those crewnecks with the Mickey Mouse gloves on them, because those just look so fresh. Anyhow, this isn’t about a fresh crewneck – it is indeed about an ugly one. What an unlucky crewneck it is.  You should all pity its’ unattractive appearance, for it is a crewneck you would hate to receive as a gift.

But of course one person has to like them, and that happens to be Kyan. I really liked the way this turned out, so I hope you enjoy it as well. By the way, only four episodes to the 100th. So, hereee we go.

After showing up to the studio in an unattractive crewneck, Kyan must avoid his co-stars who want to destroy it.

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Nana’s Kids

Earlier when I came home from school I did some calculations and counted all the episodes of the PWH. There is 5 more episodes until the 100th episode. I never knew I would make that many or even keep up with this odd creation this long. In only a couple of months, I’ve been doing this for 2 years. Thank you to all the people who supported the PWH through this and I hope that it still makes you laugh for many more seasons to come. :)

When I made this messy episode, I was thinking that we should know Ryku’s family a little bit more. I was thinking of letting his mom own a laundromat or something and he has to watch it and a whole bunch of wackiness occurs. But instead, it turned out to be the worst toddlers ever, who happen to be his cousins. So, meet Yoshi and Keera. They might look adorable, but they are really, really, really ghetto.

When Ryku is asked to babysit his toddler cousins, they become more trouble than they look.

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The Cinnamon Games

Today I was left at home absent from school due to a very bad cough and a sore throat. But luckily, I got the health and the motivation to create a wonderful piece of art you guys were so patient for. I took two of the most mainstream things at the moment and combined them. This is the first episode with sub-plots by the way. But I think you’ll enjoy this silly episode as much as I enjoyed writing it.

While Minotaur and Bradley are obnoxiously loud at the movie theaters annoying patrons, Wolfgang and Kyan take on the Cinnamon challenge.

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