The Cinnamon Games

Today I was left at home absent from school due to a very bad cough and a sore throat. But luckily, I got the health and the motivation to create a wonderful piece of art you guys were so patient for. I took two of the most mainstream things at the moment and combined them. This is the first episode with sub-plots by the way. But I think you’ll enjoy this silly episode as much as I enjoyed writing it.

While Minotaur and Bradley are obnoxiously loud at the movie theaters annoying patrons, Wolfgang and Kyan take on the Cinnamon challenge.

*at Minotaur’s mansion*
Minotaur – *laying on couch, watching TV* Kim deserved to get flour bombed. I’m sorry if that sounds mean, but that’s just my opinion…. Why am I talking to myself? I’m so alone. :'(
Bradley – *falls downstairs*
Minotaur – *gets up and turns* Bradley, are you alright?
Bradley – *immediately gets up* I’m better than alright – if..
Minotaur – If?
Bradley – If you take me to go see Hunger Games! :D
Minotaur – What’s the Hungry Games?
Bradley – The HUNGER Games is a movie that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where two kids battle. I’ve read the books and everything.
Minotaur – Wait, you want to see that movie that everyone is talking about?
Bradley – *nods*
Minotaur – Bradley, have you ever read the books?
Bradley – Yeah.
Minotaur – Are you a bandwagon fan?
Bradley – Yes. :D
Minotaur – At least you admit it. Alright, let’s go.
Bradley – YAY! *jumps on Mino’s back* You are the best dad evah! :3
*at Wolfgang’s mansion*
Kyan – *sits on couch* I’m so bored.
Wolfgang – *next to Kyan* Same here, bro.
Kyan – We should do something.
Wolfgang – What is there for us to do?
Kyan – We can play a game.
Wolfgang – What kind of game?
Kyan – Uh, how about the cinnamon challenge?
Wolfgang – *gasps*
Kyan – What?
Wolfgang – You mean that dangerous game that I recommend that the people reading this should not do at all in the convienence of their own home?
Kyan – Yes. :3
Wolfgang – Okay! :D
*at the theater*
Minotaur – Find a seat, Bradley.
Bradley – How can I find a seat? There’s like a hundred kazillion people here.
Minotaur – *squinches* There’s two right on the bottom row.
Bradley – Who in the world likes to sit way down there? You have to tilt your head up to watch the movie.
Minotaur – Better than nothing..
Bradley – *rolls eyes, goes over to sit*
Minotaur – Hey, do you know what I like about the movie theater? Whenever I go and see the upcoming trailers and posters, I feel as if I’m the first one to know about the movies.
Bradley – You are such a child, daddy.
*in Wolfgang’s kitchen*
Kyan – *adjusts the camera on countertop, gets back over next to Wolfgang*
Wolfgang – Hello, this is Wolfgang. Is you okay? Is you good? ‘Cause I wanted to know. I’m here with my friend, Kyan, and we’re going to do the cinnamon challenge. Now, honestly, I have no idea what’s so challenging about cinnamon but I’ve heard all of these stories about people coughing and dying from it, so wish us luck. *pulls out two obnoxiously huge spoons and pours cinnamon into both of them, hands one to Kyan* Alright, here we go. *swallows, coughs* Argh! *goes over to fridge, grabs a water pitcher, drinks the entire thing*
Kyan – Yeah, I don’t think I’m doing this.
Wolfgang – *stares angrily at Kyan*
Kyan – D: *swallows the cinnamon, coughs*
Wolfgang – *laughs at Kyan*
Kyan – *goes over to sink, tilts head and turns it on to get water*
Wolfgang – *rolls on floor laughing*
*at the movie theaters, in the middle of the film*
Minotaur – PEETA, WATCH OUT! Aw, bruh. Why did you have to go and get injured and such?
Movie-Going Patron Behind Mino – *taps shoulder, whispers* Could you please be quiet? Thanks.
*few minutes pass*
Minotaur – KATNISS, OH EM GEE!
M-GPBM – *taps shoulder, whispers* Please keep it down.
*more minutes pass*
Minotaur – HAYMITCH, YOU ARE SO GHETTO! *laughs*
*everyone gathers out of movie theater angrily*
Minotaur – *turns and looks* Where did everybody go?
Bradley – They left, because you were the loudest person in the world.
Minotaur – Excuse me for commenting on a movie in a mid-pitched voice.
Bradley – Yeah, that wasn’t mid-pitched at all.
Minotaur – Whatever, man. More Hunger Games for us.
Bradley – *smiles, tilts head back to watch the movie* Can we at least move our seats?
Minotaur – Good idea.

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