Nana’s Kids

Earlier when I came home from school I did some calculations and counted all the episodes of the PWH. There is 5 more episodes until the 100th episode. I never knew I would make that many or even keep up with this odd creation this long. In only a couple of months, I’ve been doing this for 2 years. Thank you to all the people who supported the PWH through this and I hope that it still makes you laugh for many more seasons to come. :)

When I made this messy episode, I was thinking that we should know Ryku’s family a little bit more. I was thinking of letting his mom own a laundromat or something and he has to watch it and a whole bunch of wackiness occurs. But instead, it turned out to be the worst toddlers ever, who happen to be his cousins. So, meet Yoshi and Keera. They might look adorable, but they are really, really, really ghetto.

When Ryku is asked to babysit his toddler cousins, they become more trouble than they look.

*at Nana’s house, kitchen*
Ryku – So, what do you necessarily want me to do?
Nana – I want you to babysit your cousins while I’m away.
Ryku – Alright. But you never told me where you’re going…
Nana – I’m going to the club.
Ryku – … D:
Nana – What?
Ryku – Aren’t you a little decrepit to be going to clubs?
Nana – Don’t you be using big words at me, Ry. You’ve always hated on my swagger ever since you were little. Anywho, you have to feed Keera and Yoshi at 12 then they take their nap. They are angels, so there is nothing to worry about.
Ryku – Nana, they are NOT angels.
Nana – They are in my eyes. :)
Ryku – *sighs* Seniors..
Nana – Deuces, Ryku! ~u* *leaves*
Keera – *jumps on Ryku’s back* Aye, son. She gone?
Ryku – Why are you on my back?
Keera – Because I’m about to rob you, homie. And give a difficult time.
Ryku – Aren’t you, like four?
Keera – Yee, breh. But me and Yo-Yo is gonna make dis be the worst day of your life doe.
Ryku – Where is Yoshi?
Keera – Look behind you.
Ryku – *looks behind* OH MY BUDDHA.
*kitchen is destroyed, debris everywhere*
Yoshi – *with hammer in hand* Destroyed this kitchen, mayne.
Ryku – Why?
Yoshi – There ain’t no apple juice left.
Ryku – *twitches*
Yoshi – Look at yo wallet.
Ryku – *feels pocket* MY WALLET’S GONE!
Keera – *licks thumb, counts money on couch* Dang, son. You gettin’ dough.
Ryku – *chases after Keera*
Yoshi – *throws hammer at televison*
Ryku – *looks around*
Keera – *tears down wallpaper*
Ryku – *looks*
Yoshi – *throws vases on the ground*
Ryku – I need some help. D;
*at Minotaur’s mansion*
Bradley – And then like I liked the status and she rated me a 10.
JTX – That’s like the ninth girl who did that to you.
Bradley – I know.
JTX – Hey, wasn’t one of them an 80 year old woman or something?
Bradley – Oh, yeah..
JTX – I wonder what she is doing even rating people your age..
Bradley – Yeah, I should really stop adding anybody.
*cell phone rings*
Bradley – What do you want?
Ryku – Long story short, I have these horrible kids I have to babysit. And since you’re necessarily bad, you could come over and like do something to make them better while my Nana is at the club?
Bradley – Yeah, sure.
Ryku – Cool.
*an hour later*
Yoshi – *lays on couch* What you got?
Ryku – Lunchables.
Keera – Aye!
Ryku – But first, you have to say sorry.
Yoshi – Mayne, we ain’t even do nothing.
Ryku – You destroyed everything in the house except for the walls. *checks phone* Ugh, where is Bradley?
Bradley – *smashes through door* HEY, Y’ALL!
Keera – Aye, is that the BIebs?
Yoshi – He got some money, hold up.
*they start chasing Bradley*
Bradley – *runs outta there*
Nana – *walks through open door, two young shirtless man wrapped around her arms* I’m back from the club..
Ryku – Don’t ever ask me to babysit again. *walks out*
Nana – So, who likes cornbread? *smiles seductively*

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  1. Kat :3 says :

    Nana gets it poppin’ mayne.

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