Easter Eggs

Happy Easter, everyone !

Now, I know I was a little late, Western side. But that was only due to school – and writing block. But either way, this is a colorful special filled with sarcasm, smashed mansions and Harry Styles. Also meany-butt Easter Bunnies!!!!!!! >:-(

But anyhow, here is your very cray cray Easter special. ;D

When the Easter Bunny accidently smashes the Easter eggs and demands for more, Minotaur is forced to give him what he wants.

*Easter Eve, at Mino’s mansion, Bradley’s bedroom*
Bradley – *tucked in his bed* Dad..
Minotaur – Yeah?
Bradley – Do you think the Easter Bunny will like the eggs we made?
Minotaur – Yeah, why wouldn’t he?
Bradley – I don’t know..
Minotaur – He loves eggs, and he collects ’em.
Bradley – Dad, where else does the Easter Bunny get his eggs?
Minotaur – He gets them from his bird girlfriends, because he’s a bachelor.
Bradley – Oh..
Minotaur – Yeah..
Bradley – Another question, why do you get to stay awake when I can’t?
Minotaur – Because I have to talk to him. We go way back from the mythological days..
Bradley – But it doesn’t make any sense. I want to meet him.
Minotaur – He, uh, doesn’t like kids.
Bradley – Then how come he –
Minotaur – YOU ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS! Here, *grabs remote, turns on TV* watch One Direction on Saturday Night Live.
Bradley – Ooh! :O
Minotaur – *shades lights* Goodnight, Bradley.
Bradley – Goodnight, Dad.
Minotaur – *leaves out door*
*in the hallway*
Minotaur – *to a walkie-talkie* Alright, EB. You ready?
EB – *some place else* I thought you’d never ask. Aight, go to the living room.
Minotaur – *dashes to the living room*
EB – *falls out of the chimney into the fireplace*
*in Bradley’s room*
Bradley – *hears loud thump* What was that, Mr. Fluffers?
Mr. Fluffers – *at the end of the bed, mumbles* Stop talking to me..
Bradley – Oh, sorry. Wait, did you just – eh. *presses head against wall*
*in the living room*
Minotaur – *facepalms* You are not Santa..
EB – Well, there’s never been an established way I’ve been able to break into this house. *places Easter basket on coffee table*
Minotaur – It’s so colorful and filled with delicious sweets. *-*
EB – Yep. Now, let me grab my eggs and I’ll be on my way. *grabs egg carton out of refrigerator*
Minotaur – *chews on candy in Bradley’s basket*
EB – Alrighty, I’m do – *falls over Mino, breaks eggs*
Minotaur – *looks back* Oh, sorry.
EB – *enraged, face turns red*
Minotaur – *stretches hand out* Need some help.
EB – You are going to make me some new eggs.
Minotaur – Says who?
*in Bradley’s room*
Bradley – The Easter Bunny? Why does he sound like Harry Styles?
Mr. Fluffers – Mmm.. he’s yummy.
Bradley – *looks at Mr. Fluffers* Yeah, you need to go back to sleep.
Mr. Fluffers – Don’t hate me ‘cos you ain’t me.
Bradley – Yeah, I don’t want to be you.
*at the living room*
Minotaur – Don’t you talk to me like that!
Minotaur – WELL, HERE! *creates ball of blue mist with hands, throws it in the air, it transforms into billions of easter eggs*
EB – Mother of god..
*in Bradley’s room*
Bradley – What’s that noise?
*the compact of eggs bash a hole into Bradley’s wall*
The debris of the Easter eggs everywhere.. walls smashed.. decor ruined.. the dust of the dry paint surround the destroyed mansion.. with smashed colorful eggs decorating the remains of platforms.
Bradley – *pokes head out of debris, coughs* WHAT THE FLUDGE HAPPENED? MY BEAUTIFUL MANSION!
EB – *makes way to the top*
Bradley – The Easter Bunny! :D
EB – I’m so like not even coming here anymore, you guys are going to have to get your baskets and candy at Wal-Mart. *swims away*
Minotaur – *reaches top* I found your basket!
Bradley – *looks* You ate all of it.
Minotaur – You could still have the basket. :)
Bradley – … What a wonderful Easter.
Mr. Fluffers – Why does it look like the Colosseum mixed with the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded cover?
Minotaur – Because Mr. Fluffers. Easter is not about getting colorful baskets, getting sick off of candy or decorate eggs from the grocery. It’s about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Chris- wait, did that cat just talk? Let’s go to Church…
Bradley – But Church lasts too long.. no, no, NOOOOOOO –
*a flash of white light appears, transition back to Bradley’s bedroom, everything is normal*
Bradley – *opens eyes, starts to blink fast, wipes eyes* It was a dream..
Mr. Fluffers – Hey, Bradley. What if the Easter Bunny sounds like Harry Styles?
Bradley – He probably does.

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