British Idols 1/2

Have you ever wanted to meet someone so bad that you would take extreme risks? No? Me neither.

This is, of course, inspired by the mainstream boy band, One Direction, and this is mainly poking fun at their fans – since I followed a lot of them on Twitter, so I could get follow-backs. Shhh, don’t tell. By the way, unless you like your timeline filled up non-stop about a celebrity you may or may not like, it’s obviously not a good idea.

But anyway, here is your first half of the two part season finale ( which counts as two episodes technically ) & I hope you enjoy.

When Wolfgang loses her tickets to see One Direction, she plots to take an extreme approach to meet them.

*at PWH studio*
Kyan – But then I heard that it was featuring Pitbull so I didn’t listen to it.
Zey – Of course, you didn’t.
Minotaur – Wait, where’s Wolfie?
Ryku – Beats me. I haven’t seen her today.
Kyan – Hey, I got an idea. Let’s check her Twitter. :o
Minotaur – Oh, I have one of those. Yeah, it didn’t really work out..
Zey – What’s a Zayn?
Kyan – And what kind of name is Niall?
Ryku – Isn’t that the people from the boy band that’s always on the radio?
Minotaur – Well, that can’t be Big Time Rush..
*audience laughs*
Zey – How long ago was the tweet?
Kyan – Like five minutes ago..
Minotaur – Here she comes.
Wolfgang – *kicks door down, runs and jumps on couch* GUYS, GUESS WHAT?
Ryku – What? I mean, it’s not like we checked your Twitter or anything, we’ll totally be surprised by what you’re about to say.
Wolfgang – Uh.. okay? But anyway, I have tickets to go see One Direction tomorrow!
Minotaur – What’s a One Direction?
Wolfgang – You guys don’t know who that is? That’s what makes you beautiful, oh ooh oh. They sing that.
Zey – Whenever that comes on the radio, I wait for it to go off.
Ryku – The song isn’t THAT bad..
*audience gasps*
Wolfgang – OH, that reminds me. I bought a ticket for everybody!
*crew moans*
Wolfgang – *digs into pocket, can’t find tickets* Where did they – OH NO! That freaking wind must’ve blew it away.
Zey – I guess they aren’t your tickets anymore.
Wolfgang – *stomps on Zey’s feet*
Ryku – What are you going to do now?
Wolfgang – I don’t know. I wanted to meet them so bad that I just – wait.. *makes plotting face*
Minotaur – Uh oh, you’re making your plotting face. D:
Wolfgang – What if I just sneak into their hotel or something and meet them personally?
Kyan – What the freak, Wolfgang. That’s creepy.
Wolfgang – Don’t worry, I think I got a plan that could work.
*at the Hilton Hotel, hallway*
Bradley – *dressed as a maid, pushing a wheeled sheeted table* You’re gonna owe me SO much money, Wolfie.
Wolfgang – It’s gonna be worth it, bro.
Bradley – What do I have to do again?
Wolfgang – Alright, so you’re gonna knock on their door in 5D, say you have to do some cleaning or an inspection or something like that and let me in.
Bradley – But what if they find out where you’re hiding?
Wolfgang – Then they’re gonna call the cops probably. But I’ll make sure that won’t happen.
Bradley – You sure it’s worth it?
Wolfgang – In the case of meeting my future husbands, of course.
Bradley – *sighs* Whatever..
*in 5D*
Harry – *jumping on bed*
Niall – Harry, are you sure it’s a good idea to be bouncing on the bed?
Harry – You know the motto, Niall. Live fast, die young, bad Harrys do it well. :D
Louis – *painting toenails* That looks lovely.
Liam – Why exactly are you painting your toenails?
Louis – Because I’m British.
Liam – Oh.
Louis – Yes.
Zayn – *puts on sports jacket* I look so swag.
Niall – What’s a swag?
Zayn – I don’t know, but the Americans say it and it sounds so cool. You’ll never get tired of hearing it too.
*outside in the hallway*
Wolfgang – *listening* That’s entirely not true, but whatever, you’re still hot.
Bradley – Do I go in now?
Wolfgang – We’re still waiting for freaking SockLicker to arrive. What is that guy doing..
Bradley – Wolfie, no offense, but as a boy, I’m not really comfortable being in a dress in public.
Wolfgang – Fine, let’s go. *climbs under table sheet*

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