British Idols 2/2

I’ve had so much fun writing this; I didn’t even look away at my computer once.

Tomorrow is my birthday, which will spawn a quick filler because I’m conceited. And that’s only the first of the fillers you will see. But you’re gonna have to wait all the way ’til June 14th, the date that will make Party with Hobos two years old and premiere the 100th episode. I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself! :o But here’s the more exciting part filled with toenail painting, falling from buildings and ghetto superheroes. Quite a strange way to end a season if you put it like that..

When Wolfgang sneaks into One Direction’s hotel, she makes Bradley help her get in their hotel room.

*in space, SL’s aircraft*
SockLicker – *watching SpongeBob* Oh, such idiocy in this show! I simply adore it!
Ryan – *pokes SL* Uh, Sock..
SockLicker – *turns*
Ryan – Wolfgang tried to contact you.
SockLicker – I am aware of that.
Ryan – Then how come you didn’t –
SockLicker – Because I’m watching SpongeBob, homie! Can’t you let a brotha finish an episode?
Ryan – Uh, sure. O.o
SockLicker – Thank you for the courtesy.
*at the Hilton Hotel, in the hallway*
Bradley – *knocks on the door* House keeping!
Harry – *opens the door* Hello, can we help you?
Bradley – Yes, I need to inspect your room or something in case of anything inappropriate. Hotel rules.
Harry – *mumbles under breath* Darn, now I must hide those pictures..
Bradley – What?
Harry – Nothing..
Bradley – Oh..
Harry – So, are you going to come in?
Bradley – No, you all have to get out.
Harry – Alright. Come on, boys.
*they all scatter out*
Bradley – *goes inside, slams door behind*
Louis – I wasn’t even finished painting my toenails!
Liam – You have issues..
*in the room*
Wolfgang – *peeks under table* Oh my god, it smells so One Direction-y in here. :’D
Bradley – Can you just hurry up and hide..
Wolfgang – Yeah, but where?
Bradley – *looks around* Uh, how about the window?
Wolfgang – The window? You cray cray?
Bradley – Well, there’s no place else.
Niall – *from the hallway outside* Can we come in now?
Bradley – No! *whispers* Hurry up!
Wolfgang – Alright, alright! *opens window, climbs outside* The platform is so thin and it’s windy out here.. AND LOOK AT THIS VIEW OH MY GOD IF I FALL I DIE asdfgas;
Bradley – But all you have to do is knock on the window and they’ll save you.
Wolfgang – Good thinking. :o
Bradley – *shuts window, goes back outside* Okay, you can come back in now.
*they go back in*
Zayn – Oh dear, I was in my boxer briefs in public. I feel so embarassed.
Bradley – At least you don’t have to wear a maid’s dress.
Liam – Wait, you’re a boy?
Bradley – >:( *slams door behind, walks into hallway*
JTX – *in maid dress* Bradley?
JTX – I’m visiting my aunts.. so, is this what you do in your spare time? *laughs*
Bradley – *facepalms*
*outside the window*
Wolfgang – It’s freezing. *turns, knocks on the window*
Niall – There’s a young lady out there in the freezing cold!
Louis – Open the window!
Niall – *goes over and opens*
Wolfgang – *hypervenilates* Thank you so much, I don’t know how I could ev – *foot slips on platform, falls back, screams*
Harry – OH MY GAH!
Niall – *dashes outside in the hallway, pushes Bradley out of the way, continues to go down*
JTX – Was that – ?
Bradley – *on the ground face first* I hate them.
Wolfgang – *falling, looks down* Niall? ; u ;
Niall – *runs outside, holds arms out*
SockLicker – *flies, catches Wolfgang before she could land in Niall’s arms, lands safely*
Wolfgang – *opens eyes* You idiot! *slaps*
*the rest of 1D run outside*
Harry – Are you alright, miss?
Wolfgang – Yeah, I think I learned never to risk your health over some dumb boy band. *jumps out of SockLicker’s arms, kisses Zayn* You still cute though.

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2 responses to “British Idols 2/2”

  1. Strange Clown says :

    uhhhhhhhh i dont really like them(1D)

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