Filler: The Creator

*dances all over the place* It’s my birrrrrthday, ayee!

Since the season is over, and just leaving you all with nothing else fun to read over the Spring, I hope that a filler every other week will cover your needs. Today happens to be the thirteenth anniversary of the day I was born, so here’s a silly little filler about that. Have you guys ever seen that Melanie Amaro  Pepsi commercial? Imagine the scenery like that – except I don’t look like Elton John. But I hope you enjoy. ;o

When the creator doesn’t know what to do for his birthday, he asks the Hobos to help him think of something.

*in a medieval-like royal palace*
MT – *sits upon the throne* What shall I wish for my 13th birthday?
Bloo – *a knight with armor* Maybe you could wish for a redoing of the stained glass windows on the walls?
MT – How disinteresting. Bring in my creations.
*PWH crew walks in*
Ryku – Need something, your majesty?
MT – I need to think of something to receive for my 13th birthday.
Zey – A cactus?
Kyan – Azealia Banks?
Wolfgang – Beats by Dr. Dre?
Minotaur – Another cactus?
Ryku – Some Jordans?
MT – Yes, Ryku. That sounds wonderful. You are spared.
Minotaur – Wait, what do you mean spared?
MT – He doesn’t get his head chopped off like you all do for suggesting such lame ideas.
Kyan – Oh.
MT – I’ll tell you what. If you guys do something to make me feel good, I will spare you.
Minotaur – Uh.. you’re sexy?
MT – …
Minotaur – *sweats nervously*
MT – … *cries tears of joy*
Wolfgang – Oh god..
MT – That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.. but y’know, that doesn’t mean I don’t get compliments because I do because I’m fabulous.
Zey – So, we’re spared?
MT – Yes. But if I don’t get those Jordans, I’m coming after you all. Have a wonderful rest of the Spring!


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

4 responses to “Filler: The Creator”

  1. Chase Winter says :

    Minotaur – Uh.. you’re sexy?
    MT – …
    Minotaur – *sweats nervously*
    MT – … *cries tears of joy*
    Wolfgang – Oh god..


  2. Strange Clown says :

    I’m sexy and I know it do do do do do do doWIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE YA.

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