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Filler: The Whale

Your favorite whale has its own filler!

All Whaley ever really does is drink soda, rolls his eyes and watches TV. Though, we still love him anyways. I think there’s like.. 3 fillers left or something. But don’t be sad, man. This just means that the Summer season is getting closer! Can it top last year’s? You’ll be the judge. The official listing is now up ( with no description, of course ). I’ll use the first week of my Summer break to make the entire Season, then spend the Summer at my grandparents’ house and learn basketball and just have fun. I got waaaay off topic, but here’s your filler.

When Whaley refuses to be active, Zey gets Michelle Obama to try to convince him.

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Filler: The Biebs


I have really high expectations that you will all enjoy Season 10 very much. I think the whole season is inspired by motivation and following your dreams and stuff like that. And guess what? Not too long until the premiere of Breezy, the episode that marks off the 100th episode and the second birthday of Party with Hobos. We’ve come a long way and only few more fillers remain! Oh, and I’m also out of school in 4 DAYS! So, plenty of time on my hands. :) And by the way, this will not be the last time you hear of Kyan getting mistaken this season.

Kyan gets followed by a group of Beliebers mistaking him as Justin Bieber.

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Filler: The Kool-Aid

Lots of Bradley lately.

So, I was looking through Tumblr and stumbled upon this picture, which became my current cover photo for Facebook, of this kid pouring entirely too much sugar into some Kool-Aid he was making. And with that picture inspiring me and “Jumanji” by Azealia Banks motivating me, this episode was created. Not much to say except that school is going to be over soon which will give me time to finish the incredibly long Breezy episode. All of these end of the year projects are just consuming all of the things I’d like to do.. but if I didn’t have school, I’d probably just fill up these blog and have 23 episodes on queue at once because I will have waaay too much time on my hands.

JTX guides Bradley on making Kool-Aid – which doesn’t turn out as good as they expect.

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Pokékon (ポケット昆虫): Chapter One – HD Extended Edition

Experience Party With Hobos for the very first time in High Definition with over 2500 words worth of descriptive writing infused into the one episode.

Before Season 10 debuts this summer,  experience Codien’s only solo episode, again, in a new revamped extended edition. Read Chapter One: ‘HD Extended Edition’ before he releases the long awaited Chapter Two of his special B-Side series called Pokékon (ポケット昆虫).

Sparks fly and tempers rise as Ryku tricks Minotaur into believing insects are ‘Pokémon’.

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Filler: The Deal

Can’t wait until Summer? You’re not the only one.

I might have a plan for these fillers. I’ll do at least six more fillers and I’m done with these. I gotta admit – these are very fun to make. It’s like just a silly episode exercise that could keep you entertained though it’s so short so you could go on with your day. Though, looking at the future fillers, you’re probably going to wish these were full episodes. There’s even this one filler I even considered finishing to make it an episode in Season 10 – but I just decided that it would be just as good to leave it as a filler. These will probably premiere every Monday and Friday and if not, Wednesday. So, know when to check the blog, Hobos. Don’t forget to like & comment. ( ^ u ^ ) Aight, let’s get on with thissss.

After an altercation in the classroom, Bradley is sent to the principal’s office.

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Filler: The Friends

*laughs at Zey’s friend count*

I was looking at a couple of profiles – and a lot of people have more friends than I do. And I wondered, because I’m sort of known at school, and my theory was that they just add anybody. Thus, this filler happened. By the way, did you know that NBA stood for the National Butlers Association? Well, you know now. Let’s enjoy this swaggy filler, shall we?

Zey scrolls through Facebook profiles to conclude why everyone has more friends than he does.

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Filler: The Taken

Now she want a photo, you already know doe.

Remember Bradley’s school? I thought that Very F. Boring Elementary School needed a fresh new look, so they got a principal, Principal Aubrey “Drake” Graham, and a new name, Youth Organizing Lives for Outstandingness, or YOLO.

This episode was inspired by real event, yeah. I have this Science project and I pretty much wanted to be partners with somebody, then they were taken and I was just like .. oh alright. That’s cool. *tries to force a smile* I didn’t take it as hard as Bradley did though. ‘Matter a fact, I don’t even know if anyone is even reading these. So, please comment. :-) I hope you enjoy this filler that’s like 1/3 of a normal episode.

When there’s a Science project is announced, Bradley looks forward to having JTX as his partner.

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