Filler: The Swag

Have you ever just wanted to punch someone for saying swag or yolo? Then this filler is for you.

To be completely honest, this was made kinda quick. It’s just a check-in and if it doesn’t fulfill your needs, then more fillers are on the way. But suggestions would be helpful because my writing block is going crazy and I have such an urge to make episodes. But, if you hate the following phrases mentioned in this filler, then it’s definitely for you.

Wolfgang tells of an awful experience she had with people saying Swag and YOLO.

*at PWH Studios*
Ryku – Hey, Kyan. Have you seen Wolfgang?
Kyan – Not lately. Zey?
Zey – I have no clue. SK?
SK – I’m dead.
Minotaur – No one knows where she is?
Wolfgang – *walks in through doors, weeping, creeps over to couch, sits*
Kyan – What’s wrong, Gangsta?
Wolfgang – First off, never call me that again. Second, I’m crying because – *sniff* – my .. uh..
Minotaur – Don’t worry, you could tell us.
Wolfgang – So, I take these community college classes online.. and I was chatting with my Math teacher because I didn’t get the homework.. Then, I joked around saying how smart he was.. then he said “it’s because of my swag”..
Zey – Oh my god..
Wolfgang – Then he said YOLO..
Ryku – It’s things like that.. it just makes me ponder at what society has become.
Wolfgang – That’s not the worst part.. he also said Swaggy.
Minotaur – *faints*
Wolfgang – And leggo..
Ryku & Kyan – *faints*
Wolfgang – And.. ratchet.
Zey – *faints*
Wolfgang – *cries* It was the worst thing I’ve ever gone through..

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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

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