Filler: The Taken

Now she want a photo, you already know doe.

Remember Bradley’s school? I thought that Very F. Boring Elementary School needed a fresh new look, so they got a principal, Principal Aubrey “Drake” Graham, and a new name, Youth Organizing Lives for Outstandingness, or YOLO.

This episode was inspired by real event, yeah. I have this Science project and I pretty much wanted to be partners with somebody, then they were taken and I was just like .. oh alright. That’s cool. *tries to force a smile* I didn’t take it as hard as Bradley did though. ‘Matter a fact, I don’t even know if anyone is even reading these. So, please comment. :-) I hope you enjoy this filler that’s like 1/3 of a normal episode.

When there’s a Science project is announced, Bradley looks forward to having JTX as his partner.

*at YOLO Elementary School, Mrs. Boomhammer’s classroom*
Mrs. Boomhammer – Now, students. As you see our school has changed its name and we have a new principal, Principal Aubrey Graham. This is due to the old principal resigning and parents complained that our school was called Very F. Boring Elementary. So, here we are.
Bradley – *turns to JTX* You know what? You know how our principal looks like Drake and our elementary school’s name is YOLO.
JTX – Haha, I never thought of it that way.
Mrs. Boomhammer – For your information, Bradley, YOLO stands for Youth Organizing Lives for Outstandingness.
Bradley – *rolls eyes* Dude, it’s called The Motto.
Mrs. Boomhammer – Whatever, child. So, there’s like this super boring Science project you all have to do. It’s due next week. Pair up.
*children grunt, everyone stands up*
Bradley – *looks at JTX, about to tap shoulder*
Ashlee – *approaches JTX* Hey, wanna be partners?
JTX – *bites lip, checks out Ashlee* Sure, girl. Whatever you’d like.
Bradley – D:
JTX – *turns around*
Bradley – *arm goes down*
JTX – You alright?
Bradley – Sure, man. It’s all good.
JTX – ‘Kay. *turns back to Ashlee* So, I heard you were a great kisser.
Bradley – *dies inside, frowns*
Mrs. Boomhammer – *approaches Bradley* It’s okay, Bradley. You could be Elmer’s partner.
Elmer – *waves, snot coming out of nose, wipes nose and slides up glasses*
Bradley – *starts tearing*

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One response to “Filler: The Taken”

  1. super typhoon/ liz/fordelulz/ST4 says :

    that happens to me alot…but without the snot-nose……

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