Filler: The Friends

*laughs at Zey’s friend count*

I was looking at a couple of profiles – and a lot of people have more friends than I do. And I wondered, because I’m sort of known at school, and my theory was that they just add anybody. Thus, this filler happened. By the way, did you know that NBA stood for the National Butlers Association? Well, you know now. Let’s enjoy this swaggy filler, shall we?

Zey scrolls through Facebook profiles to conclude why everyone has more friends than he does.

*at Zey’s mansion, living room*
Zey – *on laptop, sitting on couch*
Charles – *walks by* What are you doing, sir Zey?
Zey – You know what, Charles? All of my friends somehow have more Facebook friends than I do.
Charles – How many do you have?
Zey – 333.
Charles – *tries to contain laugh*
Zey – You have more friends? D:
Charles – Most of my friends are from either home at the UK or from the National Butlers Association.
Zey – That’s what NBA stands for? Hm, I always wondered. *scrolls through Wolfgang’s friends*
Charles – What are you doing now?
Zey – Trying to find out why people have so many friends. *squints* Who is 燃えるようなタコス ? *scrolls* Sponge Bob Squarepants ..
Charles – Zey, I believe that is the reason.
Zey – Do people really just add anybody so they could have more Facebook friends?
Charles – Seems that way, sir.
Zey – *goes back to his FB* I kinda like my 333, it’s just right.
Charles – *bursts out laughing* You *gasps for air* Y-You sure?
Zey – *facepalms*


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Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

5 responses to “Filler: The Friends”

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  2. Unknown_warrior says :

    I’ll add you… When I get a facebook

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