Filler: The Deal

Can’t wait until Summer? You’re not the only one.

I might have a plan for these fillers. I’ll do at least six more fillers and I’m done with these. I gotta admit – these are very fun to make. It’s like just a silly episode exercise that could keep you entertained though it’s so short so you could go on with your day. Though, looking at the future fillers, you’re probably going to wish these were full episodes. There’s even this one filler I even considered finishing to make it an episode in Season 10 – but I just decided that it would be just as good to leave it as a filler. These will probably premiere every Monday and Friday and if not, Wednesday. So, know when to check the blog, Hobos. Don’t forget to like & comment. ( ^ u ^ ) Aight, let’s get on with thissss.

After an altercation in the classroom, Bradley is sent to the principal’s office.

*at YOLO Elementary, Principal’s office*
Bradley – *has a seat, pouts*
Principal Graham – Why are you in here, man?
Bradley – Because..
Principal Graham – Because why?
Bradley – Because I put glue down Elmer’s pants..
Principal Graham – And why did you put glue down Elmer’s pants?
Bradley – Because he was being gross and irritating.
Principal Graham – You do realize he will have those pants on for the rest of your life, right?
Bradley – It’s school glue.
Principal Graham – It will be very difficult to get the glue off.
Bradley – You could just peel it.
Principal Graham – Don’t test me, Bradley.
Bradley – Fine, Drake.
Principal Graham – ..What did you call me?
Bradley – Drake..
Principal Graham – Bro, I’m like definitely not like Drake like no like not.
Bradley – It’s pretty obvious.
Principal Graham – I’m glad that people are morons. Just don’t tell people anything, okay?
Bradley – Care to make a deal?
Principal Graham – *sighs* Fine, what?
Bradley – If I don’t tell anyone you’re Drake, which you obviously are, then you have to buy me smoothies every morning.
Principal Graham – I don’t think I could do that.
Bradley – Have it your way.. *opens door* HEY GUYS DID YOU KNOW THAT THE PRINCIPAL IS ACTUALLY –
Principal Graham – *pulls Bradley back by the arm* Fine! D:<
Bradley – Swaggy.

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