Filler: The Kool-Aid

Lots of Bradley lately.

So, I was looking through Tumblr and stumbled upon this picture, which became my current cover photo for Facebook, of this kid pouring entirely too much sugar into some Kool-Aid he was making. And with that picture inspiring me and “Jumanji” by Azealia Banks motivating me, this episode was created. Not much to say except that school is going to be over soon which will give me time to finish the incredibly long Breezy episode. All of these end of the year projects are just consuming all of the things I’d like to do.. but if I didn’t have school, I’d probably just fill up these blog and have 23 episodes on queue at once because I will have waaay too much time on my hands.

JTX guides Bradley on making Kool-Aid – which doesn’t turn out as good as they expect.

*in Mino’s kitchen*
Bradley – So, JTX.. You wanna make Kool-Aid?
JTX – Sure, man. That sounds real tight right now.
Bradley – Do you know how to make it?
JTX – .. I think every kid in the world knows how to make Kool-Aid. Why, do you not know?
Bradley – My entire life I’ve had servants and nannies make it for me.
JTX – *sighs* Look, just grab the pitcher, dump the Kool-Aid powder, put water in it then add sugar and stir.
Bradley – That sounds easy.
JTX – *nods* I’ll go get the stuff. *walks over to the pantry, grabs ginormous bag of sugar, struggles* W-Why is this so BIG?
Bradley – We only bought that for Kool-Aid but like all of our servants and nannies quit due to my bad behavior and my dad asking for foot rubs – which is impossible with his feet. *shivers*
JTX – *sets bag of sugar on counter, grabs pitcher out of cabinet then sets, and gets Kool-Aid* We’re prepared.
Bradley – Alright, time to do this. *grabs pitcher and goes to sink to fill it up*
JTX – Don’t you think it’d be kind of better if you put the Kool-Aid in first?
Bradley – JTX, I think I know what I’m doing. *sets pitcher on table after it’s filled*
JTX – *shrugs*
Bradley – *pours sugar in*
JTX – Err.. Bradley..
Bradley – *puts Kool-Aid powder packet in* What?
JTX – I don’t think you’re doing this correctly..
Bradley – *dumps hand in pitcher and stirs* What are you talking about?
JTX – *facepalms*
Bradley – *takes out hand, licks palm, shivers* This is GROSS! D:
JTX – I wonder why. *rolls eyes*
Bradley – Where’s a towel to wipe my hands? *turns, knocks over pitcher with elbow draining the Kool-Aid on JTX*
Bradley – Don’t worry, JTX. It’s Cherry flavoured.
JTX – asdfadgsdhgaDASdfa;

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4 responses to “Filler: The Kool-Aid”

  1. Unknown_warrior says :

    I mame this all the time. Thanks for making my day :D

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