Filler: The Biebs


I have really high expectations that you will all enjoy Season 10 very much. I think the whole season is inspired by motivation and following your dreams and stuff like that. And guess what? Not too long until the premiere of Breezy, the episode that marks off the 100th episode and the second birthday of Party with Hobos. We’ve come a long way and only few more fillers remain! Oh, and I’m also out of school in 4 DAYS! So, plenty of time on my hands. :) And by the way, this will not be the last time you hear of Kyan getting mistaken this season.

Kyan gets followed by a group of Beliebers mistaking him as Justin Bieber.

*at Ryku’s mansion, in his room*
Kyan – Hey, y’know what song I can’t get out of my head?
Ryku – What?
Kyan – Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.
Ryku – Oooooohhhh, that explains.
Kyan – What?
Ryku – *chuckles*
Kyan – What’s so funny? What does that explain? D:<
Ryku – I mean, your like taste in music.
Kyan – Well, I’ve been focusing on my reading.
Ryku – No, but you’re not letting me finish. You LOOK like Justin Bieber. Even earlier in the series, you played an apparent “prank” saying that you were Justin Bieber.
Kyan – Yeah, but that was just a prank though.
Ryku – I kinda still believe you are Justin Bieber..
Kyan – I am NOT Justin Bieber..
Ryku – Oh yeah? Then why were there a pack of Beliebers following you inside of here?
Kyan – They’re Hobos..
Ryku – Let’s ask. *opens curtain, opens up window* Hey, are you guys Hobos?
Belieber – That’s gross!
Ryku – *turns to Kyan*
Kyan – That still doesn’t prove anything..
Ryku – *turns to Beliebers* Who is your boyfriend, girls?
Ryku – *turns to Kyan, chuckles*
Kyan – *cries*

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