Breezy (One Hundred)

It’s finally here! The one-hundredth episode! 

After all the adventures and all the seasons, the season premiere of the tenth season and the one-hundredth episode is finally here. I know I say this like a million kazillion billion times, but the only reasons I’m still writing Party with Hobos to this day is because of the support from you guys, the Hobos. c: So, I’d like to thank you with this episode full of flashbacks and time travel. I finished this with the help of Flamez , who I would probably never finish it without the company, motivation and contribution provided by her. And again, I hope this 413 lines of oddness entertains you! I promise that Season Ten will be even BETTER than Season Eight. Enjoy!

*at the soon-to-be opened PWH Museum*
MT – This looks beautiful. I’m so glad I bought that creepy Greek mythology museum thing where the murderers murder and things. Alright, is this ready to open or what?
Roman – Doesn’t it need something to put on display? Like.. pictures?
MT – Look here, Roman, the coordinator of the design of this museum, Party with Hobos doesn’t have pictures. Just words.
Roman – Excuse me for arguing, but it would be smart for people to be able to visually see the crew and their adventures.
MT – What do you expect me to do?
Roman – I don’t know. Can any of them time travel?
MT – Minotaur is quite powerful..
Roman – Then you can send your crew to go back in time and retrieve pictures.
MT – Whatever you say. *dials studio’s number on phone*
*at PWH Studios*
Codien – *on the couch talking* And so then I got accepted into that college, but I have so many dreams in writing about the Hobos, I mean you guys are just so funny and great and entertaining. I just love all of you. And I’m so glad that Wolfgang is a character because I’ve always had a thing for black women. Anyway, I love chocolate milk and blahblahblahblah…
Mino – *gets out duct tape and covers Codien head to bottom in it* Shut up. D:<
Kyan – *rocks Ryku’s shoulder* Hey, wake up.
Ryku – *slowly opens eyes, wipes drool off chin* Is it over?
Zey – Thanks for sharing, Codien…. now, please go.
Codien – :c *wriggles off stage*
*phone rings*
Wolfgang – *picks up* Hey, boss. Is the museum ready yet?
MT – Hey, sexy. Not yet. But can you time travel back in the highlights of the series and take pictures?
Wolfgang – …..What?
MT – It sounds crazy, but it’s for the museum. Just take one for each one of the seasons.
Wolfgang – I’ll see what I can do, I guess.
MT – Catch you later, beautiful. ;)
Wolfgang – *sighs* Please stop hitting on me. *ends call*
Kyan – Who was it?
Wolfgang – Apparently, we’re going to time travel back in time and take pictures.
Minotaur – B-But.. I don’t like the past. :c
Wolfgang – He needs it for the museum. You mind as well just get it over with.
Minotaur – *puts finger down in mouth, throws up a portal* Jump in.
Zey – Well, this isn’t gross at all.
Minotaur – The portal’s made of stomach acid, but yeah, not really gross.
The crew then jumped inside of the portal arriving at the race to the top of the Oddly Specific Named Mountain back in Season One. 
*the crew falls onto the ground from the sky*
Kyan – OW!
Wolfgang – Thanks for breaking everyone’s fall, Kyan! :D
*everyone gets up*
Bloo – AFSHMSD;@!?! I gots rocks in my shoe. D:
Bloo – >:C *paints wings on SK’s back*
SK – I have wings!! I CAN FLY! I CAN FLY!! *jumps*
Bloo – Mwahaha.
Wolfgang – Wow, that was rude.
Wolfgang – Whoa, what’s the big deal? :o
Ryku – Zey’s in love with her. c:
Zey – I AM NO- yes, I am.
Minotaur – I forgot whatever happened at the end of this..
Bloo – *jumps to the top* YESH. I made…uhh.. o.o
Flamez – OMNOMNOM *turns around*
Oh, HAY BLOO! What’s down, fo’ shizzle? 
Bloo – You ate ALL the jellybeans?! We were suppose to get intoxicated with those!
Flamez – I’m sorry! :C I saved all the white jellybeans!
Bloo – *stares* =_= How DARE you?
Ryku – Hey, peeps! Oh, what’s happenin’ here?
Bloo – Flamez ate all the jellybeans.
Ryku – I hired her to do that.
Bloo – That’s so ironic…O_O WHAT?!
Ryku – I thought you put on a few pounds, so I made you guys climb a huge mountain which you THINK you’re gonna obtain jellybeans from which is why you agreed to climb the mountain in the first place. Y’ know? ‘Cause you’re fat.
*Everyone rushes to summit during that speech*
MF – We’re FAT?
MD – I’m skinny!
MF – Sureeeeee.
MD – Reasons I don’t like you,
Part One…
MF – -_- ‘
Wolfgang – *snaps picture with iPhone* A bunch of pissed off tweens desperate for jellybeans. Let’s bounce.
After that little jellybean adventure, the crew made their first appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, being one of the last guests to appear on her now-ended show.
*the crew falls from the sky, smashing through the ceiling onto the studio floor*
Wolfgang – Wow, Kyan! You’re so nice!
Kyan – >:(
Minotaur – Shhh! We gotta stay quiet until the right scene comes..
Ryku – Something feels wrong. Something went wrong while we were here.
Kyan – Hey, O. Where’s the Canadian snack bar?
Oprah – Over there!
Kyan – *runs and looks* Aww! Darn! It’s just Hockey Sticks and Maple Syrup!
Oprah – What’d you expect? o.O
Kyan – Not this!
Kyan – Uhh..your eyes are red and glowy.
Oprah – *shoots laser beams out of eyes* IMMA FIRIN’ MAH LAZAH!
Kyan – Oh, that’s right..
Wolfgang – *snaps picture* Wow, you guys were so weird back then.
Oprah – *rages toward*
Kyan – *jumps over and lands behind Oprah* *looks around* JACKPOT!
Oprah – AHHHH! I’m melting, I’m MELLLLTING!
Minotaur – She must’ve forgotten about this.
Zey – It would be wise not to remind her of this.
*at Oprah’s mansion*
Oprah – *opens up laptop monitor* Alright, let’s see how Breezy turnt out.
*back at where ever the crew is*
Minotaur – Alright, this.. is strange. Let’s go.
There went Season Three. One of the most memorable moments was the battle over Frozen Girl, involving Ryku and Kyan.
*the crew bursts out from the floor, all piling onto Kyan*
Kyan – Why am I always the cushion omg *pushes everyone off*
Wolfgang – Deal with it or get blasted by Oprah. Your choice.
Kyan – I’d like to keep my handsome body untouched, thank you.
Kyan – GUYS! Come down here!
Ryku – Why are you in a hole, you weirdo?
Zey – LOL…I wonder if he can come back up.
Kyan – No, no I can’t.  But I found a frozen girl in here. She looks pretty.  
Zey – Oooh…Kyan’s got a crush on this frozen girl, eh? 
Kyan – We’re gonna thaw her out! Not playing around!
Zey – So thaw her out, and you’re going to date her? !!!!
Kyan – to Zey? She doesn’t know who I am. But once I nurse her back to health, she’s gonna be ALL MINE!!  
Ryku – Uhhh….okay…? *in mind* NO SHE’S GOING TO BE MINE!!!!
Kyan – Ew, we argued over that ugly chick?
Ryku – I’m ashamed.
Minotaur – Ryku told Kyan to throw the girl up first so he could have her all to herself?! Oops, I forgot to whisper.  
Kyan – What?! NUUUUU! D:<
Zey – Good job >.>
Ryku – Yeah, I want her. So, GIVE HER TO ME! ):<
Kyan – NUUU! 
Zey – *gets popcorn* LOL THIS IS FUNNEI
Kyan – No it’s not! He wants my girl!
Ryku – You’re not gonna get out unless you GIVE HER TO ME!
Kyan – Nuh-uh! You’re just gonna run away!
Ryku – Noo.  Trust me.
Kyan – Okay!  *throws frozen girl up to Ryku*
Ryku – *runs*
Kyan – NUUUUUU! D;
Wolfgang – *takes picture with iPhone and laughs* You guys were seriously stupid back then. How’d you even survive?
Minotaur – I think we used some sort of magic? Anyways, we gotta move onto the other seasons.
*bwoop bwoop portal sounds here*
The most memorable moment of Season Four had to be the losing of Zey, causing the crew of only three at the time to go on a hunt to receive their fourth member back. However when they found him being held hostage by MF, she quickly trapped them and their back-up creating yet another obstacle on getting Zey back.
*the crew fall once again*
Kyan – *gets crushed*
Wolfgang – You have the worst of luck today!
*everyone gets up*
Ryku – *holds hand out for Kyan*
Kyan – *breathes, holds to Ryku’s arm, gets pulled up*
MF – Get ready to get BOILED! (:< MWAHAHA!
SockLicker – *smashes through wall* DID SOMEBODY SAY “KICK MF’S BUTT”? 
Everyone – YES! ;D
MF – Hey, can you go sit in that pot over there, SockLicker?
SockLicker – Okii. :3 *gets in pot*
Bloo – WTF?! MAANN?!
SockLicker – O hai dere, Bloo. ;D
Minotaur – *smashes through the wall* D:< I’m here to save Zey!
Ryku – Yeh! Me too! 
MF – Ooh yeah? TRY ME!
Ryku – Shut up! >:\ *smacks MF*
MF – D: *smacks Ryku*
Ryku – *smacks MF*
MF – *smacks Ryku*
Minotaur – *punches MF in the back of her head,causing her to fall to the ground, knocking her unconscious*
Minotaur – Yeh, but instead you decided to get in girly, slap fights. 
Ryku – MANLY slap fights. -.-
Wolfgang – *looks at Ryku* Really? Manly slap fights?
Ryku – Yeah, I wish I never said that. o.o
Zey – Hey, didn’t this episode say that the Jellybean Mountain is in Uta-
Minotaur – Shh!
Zey – But I thought it was nearb-
Minotaur – Shhhhh!!
Zey – Will you please st-
Minotaur – SHUSH!
Zey – Okay D:
Wolfgang – *takes a picture of an unconscious MF* I totally feel like the paparazzi or something. :D Alright, let’s go.
*bloop bloop blaaah portal noises*
Other than the arrival of Dasr, Season Five also introduced the idea of partying in Taco Bell restaurants! This episode was memorable mostly for it’s cover of the Miley Cyrus song, Party in the USA. Quite silly!
*the crew falls*
Minotaur – Because.. yo mama.
Ryku – Yay! It’s the first and the best episode of the entire season! :D
Cashier – Hurry up with these losers’ food! They’re irritating me. -.-
Kyan – When we get our food, we’re not leaving yet.
Cashier – *sigh* WHY is that? -.-
Cashier – Great, parody songs. -.-
Kyan –
I stole Mino’s crappy mini-van
without worryin’ about the consequence.
Welcome to the world of Taco Bell.
am I gonna get eaten?
Jumped in the place.
Here I am for the 40 millionth time.
Look in front, the cashier looks like a freakin’ mime.
Everyone here’s so crazyness.
They don’t realize I’m famous.
My stomach hurts and I’m feelin kinda si-sick
Too much food and I’m oblivious
That’s when left and turned on the radio,
and some cr appy song was on.
and some cr appy song was on.
and some cr appy song WAS ONNN.
So I put my fists up.
They ain’t playin’ my song,
My burritos fly awayyy.
Movin’ my head like no.
Turnin’ my hips like no.
And I got my fists up,
They ain’t playin’ my song.
But everything’s gonna be OK. ( Why? )
AYAYAYAYA, It’s a Party in Taco Bell.
Wolfgang – *pulls out iPhone*
AYAYAYAYA, It’s a Party in Taco Bell.
Wolfgang – *snaps photo*
Kyan – It was my time to shine. ;D
Cashier – PLEASE JUST SHUT UP! >.< 420! 420!
Ryku – Yay, food. (:
Kyan – Where’d the food go? o.o
Minotaur – BURRRRRRRP!
Everyone – DARNIT, MINO! D:
Zey – Mino ALWAYS ate our food..
Ryku – And still managed to keep a perfect figure! *starts sobbing*
Wolfgang – Err, let’s go?
Ahh, Season Six, also known as, when Bradley began to hog the spotlight. He was introduced as the son of the one and only Minotaur. You may of heard of him, but this is where he began. You know what’s weird? How’d he turn 10 so fast?
*the crew falls*
Wolfgang – … I’m just waiting for Kyan to scream.
Kyan – I’m just done..
*everyone gets up*
Minotaur – Eh, ever since this, Bradley has been ruining my Beyonce moment.
Ryku – Your entire family stays having their Beyonce moments. -.-
Bradley – *opens door*
Minotaur – Hai Bradley! 
Bradley – Yo, Dad. Who’s this freak?
Kyan – Great, he inherited THAT trait of yours.
Minotaur – This is called a Kyan!
Bradley – What a stupid name. Look how clean mine looks. *pantses Kyan* DUDE, GROSS. WEAR SOME UNDERWEAR! Dx
Kyan – Maybe because of the incredibly bright Censored box. DECREASE IT!
Bradley – EWWW!! Dx
Wolfgang – *smiles at Kyan, holds up iPhone at censored box*
Kyan – *grabs iPhone* Don’t even think about it.
Wolfgang – Haha, alright, bro. *takes back iPhone*
Bradley – What a weirdo, I mean, who doesn’t wear underwear? I need to talk about that in the new episode.
Minotaur – New episode of what?
Bradley – IMAGINARY TALK SHOW, starring Bradley! (:
Minotaur – OOH! Can I be on there? D:
Bradley – Last time you were on there, you ate all the desks. D:<
Minotaur – And they tasted GOOOOOOOD! ^-^
*Imaginary Talk Showww*
Audience – *claps, claps, claps*
Bradley – lol yup. Now to introduce our first guest, pantsed first time we met, KYANNN! >:D
Kyan – Herro, Bradley. -_-
Bradley – Good Evening, Kyan. Do you know why I hate you?
Kyan – *sigh* WHY?
Bradley – Because you never see this coming. *cuts rope*
Kyan – See what comi – *gets Falcon Punched by Wrecking Ball*
Wolfgang – *snaps picture*
Ryku – What ever happened to that?
Minotaur – I don’t know, no one really cares anymore.
Kyan – My face still slightly hurts from that..
Wolfgang – Quit crying. :D Let’s goooo..
*moaaar portal sounds, whatever they sound like lol*
Season Seven was very interesting.. literally very interesting. One of the most interesting plots most likely had to be the Christmas special. It may have even changed your views on Mrs. Claus, who turned out not to be so lovely as those holiday cartoons made her seem.
*the crew falls*
Wolfgang – ……
Ryku – Err..
Zey – *coughs*
Wolfgang – This isn’t really fun now that Kyan’s not complaining.
Minotaur – I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just dead..
Kyan – *sighs through nostrils, blinks*
Minotaur – ..but somehow still obtains the ability to blink and sigh.
Dasr – *copes with the real world* Wait, where are we?
Zey – While you were singing to a song that no one was paying attention to, we went to the North Pole and Mrs. Claus held us hostage.
Mrs. Claus – I certainly did.
Kyan – B-But I thought fat women were to be jolly and happy?
Mrs. Claus – FAT WOMEN? Kyan, I’ll kill you. KILL YOU RIGHT NOWWWW!
Dasr – Why are you doing this?
Mrs. Claus – *turns around* I’m jealous of my husband, he gets all of the attention. Sure, I get mentioned in a few Christmas specials. The Billy and Mandy one made me too fat. But oh well, that doesn’t matter. But it’s the same thing every Christmas! While I cook and clean around the workshop, you know woman stuff, he’s delivering presents to every girl and boy. While I get no credit, even though I don’t really do anything. I’m ashamed of admitting that I am jealous of my own hubby-doo, it’s the truth. But one thing that I learned in this world, was to tell the truth, no matter what anyone’s reaction is. I also hate your show, because it sucks. And that is why I captured and tied you all up in my basement. You children understand? *turns back around*
*everyone disappeared, note on a chair*
Mrs. Claus – UGH. *reads note* It says..”Cool Story, Bro!”. asdfghjkl; I’M GOING TO RUIN YOUUUUUU!
Zey – She was crazy.
Ryku – She also needed some breath mints.
While Mrs. Claus was nagging around about something, like most wives do, Santa bust through the ceiling, untied everyone, wrote that note, and rushed everyone in the sleigh. Lives were saved.
Santa – She is a pain in the gluteus maximus.
Minotaur – You speak of the truth.
Ryku – Thank you for saving us, Santa. Despite your back pains, you were willing to save us?
Santa – Actually, I got kinda lazy. But you guys did a really good job delivering presents all over the world.
Dasr – ..I didn’t realize my song was THAT long.
Santa – In fact, *grabs some presents out of the sack* here you go. You were the only houses I didn’t go to.
Minotaur – *opens present* A FLARE GUN!
Kyan – *opens* A – *sigh* Another iPod. Thanks, Santa.. -.-
Zey – *opens* ANOTHER WHALE! 
Ryku – *opens* A PERSONALITY!
Ryku – I think I lost my gift.
Wolfgang – *snaps picture* What a heart-warming moment. Alright, we only got two seasons left. Lessgo.
*at the PWH Museum*
MT – *stomps foot, stares at wristwatch* What’s taking them so long?
Roman – You need to calm down, sir. Why are you so anxious for the opening?
MT – It’s just seeing your own creation go so far out of something you enjoy doing. I always say this, but I never would’ve thought that this would even get 18,000 hits! But it did, and I’m thankful for that.
Roman – That still doesn’t really explain why you would want an unfinished museum being open to the public immediately.
Beliebers – *bangs on window*
MT – *looks over, sighs* Kyan is NOT JUSTIN BIEBER! *walks over* WHAT DO YOU WANT?
Beliebers – WE WANT JUSTIN!
Roman – MT, turn your caps lock off.
MT – Oh, sorry. But yeah, Kyan’s not Justin.
Beliebers – Dude, quit lying and just tell us where Justin is..
Beliebers – Wow, rude. *walks off*
MT – *facepalms*
Roman – So, are you sure he’s not Justin? You never really cleared that topi-
MT – *walks off with a careless look on his face*
Roman – … I guess he isn’t.
Season Eight began with a controversial episode that mixed Greek mythology with a suspense theme. Turns out after everyone received a mysterious golden ticket, series of murders happened, killing off Zey II and nearly Dasr. Soon, we unmasked who the heartless killer was.
*the crew falls*
Kyan – *sighs* This is what I get for walking under that ladder when I was 14.
Bradley – *points at open window* Hey, look!
SK – *blocks window*
Minotaur – Move out of the way, you piece of cabbage!
SK – Want to be next? *holds knife up*
Kyan – Wait, you’re – ?
SK – The murderer. Yes.
Charles – I reckon to know any idea of who you are.
SK – Let me begin. Ever since I was on this show I felt like I was garbage. The only thing you guys did was lower my self esteem. I started to get suicidal thoughts, but then I realized not to take my own life over what some idiots’ opinions are about me. And that’s what you guys are to me. Idiots. In Season 6 “Vote ‘Em Off!” was the last straw. I couldn’t take you guys anymore. I felt like I was more worthless than before when I got voted off over Ryku, Kyan, and Dasr. By the way, Ryku. I used you. I wanted to earn your trust so that you’d be gullible to everything I say to you. And I was right. I actually started enjoying it and I was going to decline this whole entire plan, but then you started to take me on worthless dates. The spark was gone a LOOOONG time ago. Dasr was worthless and no one cared about him at all. I hate Kyan, but I would’ve spared him anyways. I already gave him his revenge: A bloody nose on a Cruise Ship. Then here comes Zey II all of a sudden treating me like trash immediately replacing me? Oh no. I knew it was time for revenge. If only you stupid boys would listen to yourselves talk, I wouldn’t have did this. I honestly could’ve gotten away with killing all of you if things went as I planned and you found the entrance much later. I hired Charm to turn invisible and give you guys your golden tickets. And everything went downhill from there.
Whaley – *sips drink not caring*
Ryku – *covers eyes*
Zey – Aw, it’s Ryku’s crazy ex.
Wolfgang – *hits Zey in the face with a refrigerator*
Zey – *holds hand over cheek* OW! WTF, WHERE DID YOU OBTAIN SUCH AN ITEM OF WEIGHT??
Wolfgang – Behind my back, like in cartoons! :D
Zey – Bu- whatever..
Kyan – You’re crazy!
SK – Watch your words or I’ll change my mind. *pulls up knife*
Minotaur – *shoots laser beams at SK*
SK – *blocks with knife, tugs Mino by the horns and stabs all of his wires*
Minotaur – *floats deep in the water*
Ryku – What the – ? NO!
SK – You guys rely on him for everything. You guys are too weak to fight your own battles.
Ryku – She’s right.
SK – I am?
Zey – Uh oh, corny musical number ahead.
Ryku – Yep. *clears voice* I’m beautiful in my way. *looks around and raises eyebrows*
Bradley – ‘Cause God makes no mistakes.
Kyan – I’m on the right track, baby.
Zey – I was Born This Way.
Charles – Don’t hide yourself in regret.
Ryku – Just love yourself and you’re set.
Ryku – Born this Way!
SK – Stop singing! You’re so obnoxious! D:<
Minotaur – *slowly gets up out of water behind SK, pokes her on the shoulder*
SK – *turns around* WHA-
Minotaur – *pulls out Medusa’s head*
SK – AAAHHHHH! *turns into stone*
Minotaur – *punches SK*
SK – *head smashes off*
*everybody  cheers*
Wolfgang – *snaps a photo, looks at the product* Ew, it’s kinda weird having a picture of the head of the psycho assistant that tried to kill you all.
Kyan – Where is the head anyway?
Minotaur – Somewhere. *glares over, starts to whistle*
Kyan – I just realized something.. I only have to get my back broken once more! :D
Wolfgang – Nope, because we still have to go to the museum. ;)
Kyan – Darnit. -.-
Wolfgang – Aight, let’s go.
*bloop bloop time travel noises*
Season Nine was definitely a season that lasted a while thanks to it’s unannounced hiatus, started in Fall and returning in Spring. One of the more memorable moments has to be the episode featuring the one and only One Direction, Wolfgang’s favorite boy band. But when she becomes desperate to meet them, she sneaks into their hotel with the help of Bradley. 
*the crew falls*
Kyan – This.. happened nine times.
Wolfgang – The odds of that, right? :D
Ryku – Hey, this is Wolfgang’s creepy stalker behavior episode. :D
*outside the window*
Wolfgang – It’s freezing. *turns, knocks on the window*
Niall – There’s a young lady out there in the freezing cold!
Louis – Open the window!
Niall – *goes over and opens*
Wolfgang – *hypervenilates* Thank you so much, I don’t know how I could ev – *foot slips on platform, falls back, screams*
Harry – OH MY GAH!
Niall – *dashes outside in the hallway, pushes Bradley out of the way, continues to go down*
JTX – Was that – ?
Bradley – *on the ground face first* I hate them.
Wolfgang – *falling, looks down* Niall? ; u ;
Niall – *runs outside, holds arms out*
SockLicker – *flies, catches Wolfgang before she could land in Niall’s arms, lands safely*
Wolfgang – *opens eyes* You idiot! *slaps*
*the rest of 1D run outside*
Harry – Are you alright, miss?
Wolfgang – Yeah, I think I learned never to risk your health over some dumb boy band. *jumps out of SockLicker’s arms, kisses Zayn* You still cute though.
Wolfgang – *snaps picture of the kiss* He’s so hot. c:
Minotaur –  *rolls eyes, folds arms and grunts*
Ryku – Did you get all the pictures?
Wolfgang – Yup. *holds up iPhone and flips through pictures*
Kyan – This brings back so many memories.
Wolfgang – Are we ready to go back?
Kyan – Yeah.. but I better not be the one who falls first..
Wolfgang – We’ll see.
Minotaur – *blue mist forms from his palms, spreads around the crew, they disappear in mid-air*
*an hour later, at the PWH Museum*
Roman – *hangs up framed photo*
MT – Hm, you guys did a pretty good job.. and by you guys, I mean this talented and very beautiful photographer by the name of Wolfgang. ;)
Wolfgang – *awkwardly giggles, takes steps back behind Minotaur*
Ryku – So, is this place ready to open?
Roman – Looks like it. Alright, Zey, go let ’em in. The Party With Hobos National Museum is now officially open!
*large group of people trample over Zey anxiously spreading around*
Beliebers – *crowd Kyan* JUSTIN, SIGN MY FOREHEAD! <333
Kyan – I’M NOT JUSTIN! D: *runs away*
Beliebers – *follows, screaming*
Roman – *walks up to MT* Whoa, this series went by like a breeze.
MT – It sure did, Roman. It sure did. *smiles*
*zooms in on MT’s pupil, zooms back out showing MT on the afternoon of June 14th, 2010*
MT – *types up* Alright, I’m done. But what can I call this thing? Uh.. *looks over at window*
*hobos walking outside with balloons in their hands and dancing*
MT – Party with Hobos? Eh, it works. *clicks post button*

After the opening party…

Mino – *puts lampshade on head and flies off into sky, arms spread apart* ADIOS, SUCKAS!

MT – wow rude 8″/////


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