Filler: Best Father’s Day Ever

Happy Father’s Day from your homies at Party with Hobos.

So, I just made this filler in ten minutes or so, because I almost forgotten that Minotaur was a father. *facepalms myself* If you know any pretty cool Dads in your life, tell them thanks for their caring and for all of their hard work. .. I’m trying to make this long but there’s really not much to say except that this is a filler that contains pancakes and Raven Symone. Oh, wells. Enjoy, guys.

*in Mino’s room, seven in the morning*

Minotaur – *sleeping with eyemask on, snores loudly*

Bradley – *sneaks in through creaked open door with a plate of pancakes, clears throat* DAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Minotaur – *immediately wakes up panicking, falls out of bed*

Bradley – Happy Fathers Day! I made you pancakes. c:

Minotaur – *looks at Bradley, yawns* Thanks, Bradley. You didn’t have to do this…

Bradley – I just wanted to prove to you that you’re appreciated.

Minotaur – *gets up, one-arm hugs Bradley* Thanks, son. *grabs a pancake, takes a bite, holds back vomit*

Bradley – Isn’t it delicious? :D

Minotaur – *puts hands over mouth* Y-Yeah, but I have to, uh, get some coffee. *runs out of room, dashes downstairs, rushes into the kitchen, stops* Oh. My. God.

Kitchen is splattered with stains and batter. Many items are knocked down on the floor. Cupboards are broken.

Bradley – *behind Mino, hands behind back* Sorry for the little mess..

Minotaur – *jumps in fear, looks behind* What are you doing behind me, bro? D:

Bradley – I have another present for you. :3

Minotaur – Great.. *swallows nervously*

Bradley – *right arm slys in front with a macaroni necklace, hands to Mino*

Minotaur – Aww :D

Bradley – It’s macaroni with pictures of Raven Symone on them. I knew you’d like it.

Minotaur – I love it. *puts over neck* Thanks, Bradley.

Bradley – No, thank you. Happy Fathers’ Day.

*they share a hug, audience claps as the curtain closes*


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