Most of you are out of school, right?

Hola, everyone. This episode is one that would kick off the season. Currently, I’m at my grandparents house for the Summer, and hopefully the connection from home treats me well. But whatever happens, I’ll try my hardest to provide the episodes as promised. Anyhow, Bradley seems to be growing up so fast. He’s already graduated elementary school. However, this isn’t any ordinary graduation ceremony, unless you see superheroes kill teachers that are actually super villains all the time. But this one is to applaud you for finishing up this school year, and if you’re an international reader that’s still in school, keep trying your hardest and you’ll succeed! But yeah, here’s your episode. And also, Codien helped write. :D

When SockLicker discovers a teacher at Bradley’s school is not who she seems, he must rescue the child before he meets up with her the day of his graduation ceremony.

*at Mino’s mansion, morning*
Wolfgang – *on knee, puts bowtie on Bradley* Alright, how do you feel?
Bradley – Old. :(
Wolfgang – You’re only graduating elementary school, Bradley.
Bradley – Yeah, but I’ll miss my friends.
Minotaur – *looks up from reading the (upsidedown) newspaper* You don’t need friends sweetie.
Bradley – But you have friends!
Wolfgang – *smiles, whispers* No he doesn’t. *ruffles Bradley’s hair*
Bradley –  I’m scared Wolf.
Wolfgang –  Of what?
Bradley – I don’t know. What am I doing once it’s over? I can’t be an astronaut or travel back in time-
Wolfgang – Why not?
Bradley – I’m not an idiot.
Minotaur – Don’t worry son. You can hang out with us.
Bradley – *rolls eyes*
*in space, Planet Nitrogen, SockLicker’s aircraft*
SockLicker – *sips on fruit punch, watches TV* SpongeBob, you only need three more words.. blankity, blankity, blank, like Mrs. Puff instructed.
Ryan – Uh, Sock..the Super-Villain-Planning-To-Attack-The-Hobos Senser is tingling.
SockLicker – Just unplug it, bro. I’m trying to watch SpongeBob.
Ryan – You are exactly how you were when all you did was sing.
SockLicker – No, I’m not :c
Ryan – Our friends could be in complete danger while you watch SpongeBob reruns.
SockLicker – You’re such a good assistant. Whatever will I do without you? :D
Ryan – *blushes*
SockLicker – Alright, so who is the senser sensing?
Ryan – It’s sensing The Disguiser.
SockLicker – Oh no. And Bradley’s elementary graduation is today!
Ryan – Wait, who’s the Disguiser?
SockLicker – He’s an evil creature that dresses up as teachers and tortures children, and he has his own gang scattered all around the world. But a teacher at Bradley’s school must be the main boss, and if we destroy him, his gang will die as well. Also, if you touch the hands of them, you have guaranteed bad luck for the rest of your school life.
Ryan – To Earth!
SockLicker – And fast!
*at YOLO Elementary, outside stage*
Principal Graham – *at a podium, clears throat* What’s good errybody, it’s a ya boy, Principal Aubrey Graham. Y’all should be proud of your kids for actually graduatin’, ’cause 5th grade is easy and if you don’t graduate on time, come on, mayne. You gotta try harder than that. Anyway, I’m gonna have the teacher with the most boring, uninteresting voice in the entire school, Mr. Lamp, read aloud the names, aight? So, if your name is called up, this ain’t rocket science, all you gotta do is come up here, shake the hand of Mrs. Boomhammer and she’ll hand you your graduate certificate or whatever it is called. Anyway, we’ll start with Mrs. Boomhammer’s class whose the last names start with the F.
Mr. Lamp – Bradley Falcon.
Bradley – *gets up, walks over to stage*
Mrs. Boomhammer – *hands palm out, smirks deviously*
Bradley – *nervously and slowly lifts up hand*
*spectators gasp, spacecraft falls out of the sky and crashes at the edge of the stage*
Mr. Lamp – So, anyway. Are you gonna shake her hand or not, kid?
SockLicker – *opens door, runs out and tackles Bradley to the ground*
Bradley – *struggles to get up* What are you DOING?
SockLicker – Mrs. Boomhammer is not who you think she is. If you shake her hand, you’ll never graduate again.
*afar from the stage, in seats*
Minotaur – WHAT IS HE DOING?!
Kyan – He should know what he’s doing. He’s a superhero, duh. :D
Wolfgang – *eyes Kyan* When did you get here?
Kyan – Uh, you’re beautiful.
Wolfgang – *blushes*
*back on stage*
Mrs. Boomhammer – GET OFF OF HIM!
SockLicker – *gets up, turns to Mrs. Boomhammer, shoots lasers out of eyes at her*
Mrs. Boomhammer – AH! *falls on face*
SockLicker – *runs over, shoves Mr. Lamp out of the way* Mrs. Boomhammer is NOT who you think she is!
Spectator – Who is she, then?
SockLicker – *turns to Ryan, winks*
Ryan – *winks, unzips Mrs. Boomhammer’s back, pulls out a giant dead bug*
Wolfgang – OH MY GOD *vomits on the head of a spectator*
Spectator – *turns around* HEY!
Wolfgang – You were bald anyway, now you look fabulous. *takes out pocket mirror*
Spectator – I look gorgeous! :’D
Principal Graham – So, does this mean every mean teacher was secretly a giant bug in disguise?
SockLicker – Yes, especially the ones that favoritize. But Boomhammer was the main boss bug, and since she’s destroyed, every other person she possessed is gone… or almost all of them.
*spectators clap*
Principal Graham – Well, this was interesting. Give it up for the class of 2012! *throws diplomas in the air*

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  1. TheBoss says :

    Wolfgang should have wings. Just sayin.

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