*takes a bite out of a McDouble*

Hey, childrens. So, you know that powerful kid with the high metabolism named Minotaur, right? Well, I wondered what it would’ve been like if he were to be in fat camp. At Biggie-To-Smalls Weight Loss Camp, they’re determined to provide results for the reluctant, large children, but who likes to exercise every day? How lame. Just kidding, guys. I’d also like this episode to encourage Hobos to eat healthier and be active during this Summer. That’d be real swaggy of you. Oh, and by the way, episodes will be every Wednesday and Thursday. So don’t forget to check in, Hobos! Alright, enjoy. c:

When Minotaur is enrolled into a fat camp by a worried Wolfgang, he is imprisoned there powerless until he gets healthier.

*at Mino’s mansion, outside*
Wolfgang – *at the front door, unlocks and goes in* Mino, I hope you don’t mind me bluntly walking in your home. *looks around, jaw drops*
Food is smashed against the floor.. Empty ice cream buckets laid carelessly on the ground.. Splatters everywhere.
Minotaur – *on couch, turns around, takes a bite out of a chicken leg in his hand* Oh, hey. I hope you don’t mind the little mess.
Wolfgang – Little mess? Dude, this is ridiculous! D:
Minotaur – Why are you trippin’, Gangsta?
Wolfgang – Because all you ever do is watch TV and eat unhealthy things. Plus, you’re getting a little chubby.
Minotaur – *squinches, gets up* What are you suggesting?
Wolfgang – I think it’s time for you to go on a diet, you cannibalistic animal.
Minotaur – *falls on ground, holds onto Wolfgang’s leg* NOOOO! PLEASE, ANYTHING BUT THAT! I’M NOT AN EXERCISE-Y TYPE OF PERSON! :”(
Wolfgang – It’s for your own good, and you’ll feel better. :D
Minotaur – *gets up, sniffs* How do you expect to diet me anyway?
Wolfgang – Good question. Since you’re sneaky and I can’t keep an eye on you twenty four seven.. *swifty goes behind Mino’s back, opens up vault door, takes apart one wire, closes door*
Minotaur – *crosses arms, pouts*
Wolfgang – But also since I’m not a good trainer, I’m sending you to fat camp. c:
Minotaur – *tear streams down cheek* W-What..
*at Biggie-To-Smalls Weight Loss Camp, registration office*
Wolfgang – *rings bell at counter*
Counter Lady – May I help you?
Wolfgang – Yes, I’m hear to register my .. child, Minotaur.
Counter Lady – Wow, that’s a tall son you have there. How old is he?
Wolfgang – He’s twelve or something.
Counter Lady – *writes on some paper* Alright. He could sleep in Cabin No Choco.
Minotaur – *makes puppy dog eyes at Wolfie*
Wolfgang – It’s for your own good, Mino. See you next episode. c: *leaves out of room*
Minotaur – *grunts*
*the next day, running in the jungle*
Camp Instructor Sally – Come on, guys! We still have one mile to go! :D
*the kids all grunt*
Minotaur – I hate this place already.
Cody – Tell me about it. *wipes off sweat*
*the day after, climbing a mountain*
Camp Instructor Sally – Come on, guys! Mount Shasta ain’t gonna climb itself! :D
*the kids all grunt*
Minotaur – I still hate this place.
Cody – Who doesn’t…
*the day after thaaat, jogging on treadmills*
Camp Instructor Sally – Come on, guys! *sits back in chair, watches, takes bite out of McDouble* Shed them pounds!
Minotaur – Hey, everyone didn’t grunt this time..
Cody – They’re too out of breath to.
*that night, Cabin No Choco*
Minotaur – *lays in bunk* I want to go home. I’m not even badly out of shape.
Cody – *in bunk* Round IS a shape, bro.
Minotaur – Exactly!
Cody – Hey, have you ever heard Right Here by Justin Bieber?
Minotaur – No, and I honestly don’t wa- *gets idea* I mean, why don’t you sing it to me?
Cody – Alright. *clears throat* Noo, ’cause I just wanna love ya. I will never ever let nobody up above ya. I just wanna kiss ya, baby. I just wanna hug you ’til the end. Baby, ’til the end. ‘Cause I’m riiiiiighhhttt heeeerrreeeee. Ain’t nobody gotta hold ya. ‘Cause I’m riiiiiiiiiighttttt heeeerrrreeeee, ain’t nobody gonna control ya. ‘Cause I’m riiiiiiighhhhtttt hereeeee, yeaaaaaaaa. I’m right here, I’m right here, I’m right here, I’m right here, yeah.
Minotaur – *wires in back snap back together* YES!
Cody – What?
Minotaur – *shoots lasers out of eyes at Cody, transforming him into skinny*
Cody – Whoa! Thanks, dude!
Minotaur – Yep. *transforms self into skinny* Now, how about we fly up out of this place and go get a milkshake?
Cody – Sounds good, bro. But wait, how do you have po- oh, Minotaur.
Minotaur – *facepalms*
Cody – *jumps on his back*
Minotaur – *flies off, busts hole in the ceiling*
*back on the field*
Camp Instructor Sally – Hey, children! Look there’s a shooting star! Wish for something. :D
Everyone – We wish to GET OUT OF HERE!
*at PWH Studio*
Girl on Screen – And that was my fan-fiction, do you like it? :D
Ryku – Er, sure?
Zey – I don’t understand who Justin Bieber is supposed to be though.
running out of ideas, lol. eat healthy, guys!

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