Kool-Aid Klass

In this episode, Bradley goes to Starbucks to find out the secrets of Kool-Aid, but things go for a bad turn and he gets himself into trouble- deep trouble! Who is this mysterious person? Why is Bradley so obsessed with Kool-Aid? Find out in this episode! So deep, it’s even deeper than the Kool-Aid pitcher in TV commercials. This corny introduction is exactly why MT forbids me from posting.

 *at Starbucks, early in the morning*

Bradley – *at a table, nervously shaking as he picks up the mug to take a sip of coffee*
Charisma – *comes over with a pitcher of coffee* Bradley, you are 10 years-old.
Bradley – *smugs Char* What’s your point?
Charisma – *takes a seat, places pitcher on the table* Why are you so jittery? And why are there dark circles under your eyes?
Bradley – I’ve been up all night, bro… trying to make… *shakes, takes another sip of coffee*
Charisma – *smacks mug out of Brad’s hand*
*loud screaming is heard from afar*
Charisma – What were you making?
Bradley – I was making Kool-Aid … I got NO sleep.
Charisma – Shouldn’t Kool-Aid be made in like 3 minutes?
Bradley – Not unless you know how to make Kool-Aid. I was experimenting.. I think I need some help.
? – *leaning on the wall near the window, wearing all black, hiding his face* Psst..
Bradley – *looks up*
? – Yeah, kid. Over here.
Bradley – *gets up, walks over*
Charisma – Where are you going? D: Please don’t leave.. I’m lonely ; n ; *sighs, gets up, grabs pitcher, walks back behind counter*
? – I know a little something about making Kool-Aid.
Bradley – You do?
? – Yeah, kid. I could teach you. Just come with me.
Bradley – Seems legit. *walks with ? out of Starbucks*
*a half hour later, in front of a creepy broken down house*
Bradley – Nice yellow grass you have there.
? – Don’t hate. *they walk to the front door*
*front door opens on its own*
Bradley – This is weird.
? – *follows behind, baseball bat in hand, knocks Bradley in the back of his head*
Bradley – AH! *falls down, unconscious*
? – *drags body away*
*an hour later, in the basement*
? – *splashes bucket of water in Bradley’s face*
Bradley – *wakes up, wrapped around in chains of year-old Kool-Aid packets* What the –
? – You are so ignorant.
Bradley – Alright, so maybe I should’ve gotten some identification from you before entering your ugly house. But it’s not polite to knock me unconscious then wrap me in chains .. of Kool-Aid packets.
? – So, do you still want some identification?
Bradley – That would be nice, yes.
? – *takes off hood, exposes face*
Bradley – :O GLOZELL?
GloZell – That’s right. Is you okay? Is you?
Bradley – I’m about to pee myself.
GloZell – Great.. I did not need to know that.
Bradley – Why would you do this to a rich, caucasian child who was merely curious about the art of Kool-Aid? :c
GloZell – You’re part of a video right now, baby. I’m about to upload it on YouTube right now..
Bradley – Wait.. so you kidnapped me for entertainment? D:<
GloZell – Pretty much.
Bradley – …So……
GloZell – So… ?
Bradley – About that Kool-Aid..
GloZell – OH YEAH! *giggles* I FORGOT! But you have to remember, Kool-Aid is harder than it looks. It’s gonna take some serious training in my Kool-Aid Klasses..
Bradley – I’ll try my hardest, Glo. I’ll try my hardest.
*over at GloZell’s house, a few hours later*
GloZell – *wipes sweat off of forehead* You think you’re ready?
Bradley – I’m ready for anything.
GloZell – Alright. *gets out stopwatch* And.. GO!
Bradley – *jumps on table, grabs pitcher*
GloZell – *throws Kool-Aid packet in the air*
Bradley – *grabs, tears off opening with teeth, pours powder inside, throws wrapper behind*
GloZell – *throws Bradley a huge water bottle*
Bradley – *grabs, opens and pours water inside pitcher*
GloZell – *throws ladle*
Bradley – *catches, lades the powdered liquid, raises ladle from the liquid, tastes*
GloZell – How does it taste?
Bradley – It takes like heaven. *-*
GloZell – *hugs Bradley tightly* OH, I’M SO PROUD OF YOU, MY VANILLA FACED BABY! OH YES, I AM SO… *pulls Bradley away, lets go*
*Bradley falls on floor unconscious*
GloZell – Whatever. *grabs ladle, tastes*

Whatcha think, bro?

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