Belieb Me

How does Kyan Styles sound?

Words cannot express this episode. Kyan gets mistaken for Justin Bieber all the time, but this has to just cross the line. Does anyone remember when Justin got claims about being the baby daddy to this one chick? That just so happens to be the same chick who kidnaps Kyan, oblivious to the fact that it is not Justin Bieber. I mean, really. Kyan needs to get a makeover or something. And by the way, the Wolfgang smelling Ryku running gag is back! Enjoy this strange episode I made with the help of good friend and PWH reader, Alice Juliet.

*at Kyan’s mansion, one afternoon, in the shower*
Kyan – *scrubs body with bar of soap, singing* ..Oh, and if you walk away, I know I’ll fade. Because there’s nobodddy elseeee.. It’s gotta be youuuuuuuuu!
? – *creeping up upon the shower curtain*
Kyan – *starts talking to self* Oh, Harry. I know it’s me and it will always be me. I will never let you fadeee.
? – *pulls back shower curtain* JUSTIN!
Kyan – *glares over, slips in shock, falls down hitting head on faucet, knocking him unconscious*
*two hours later*
Kyan – *water gets splashed on face, wakes up, looks around, duct taped to the wall* W-Where am I?
Mariah – Hello, Mr. Bieber. I happen to be Mrs. Bieber, if you know what I mean. ;)
Kyan – Aren’t you that one girl that faked that pregnancy?
Mariah – That’s right. And I loved your song about me, I thought that was really cute. You should stop ripping off Michael Jackson though.
Kyan – I told your dumb fanbase a million times that I am NOT Justin! D:<
Mariah – Don’t make me laugh, my future husband. c:
Kyan – *rolls eyes* Where am I?
Mariah – I just kidnapped you in my basement. <3
Kyan – Well that’s not weird at all.
Mariah – I know. There is nothing wrong with a forced date.
Kyan – Yeah.. I’m going to call the police now.
Mariah – Oh, don’t be silly! All I did was kidnap you. Where’s the harm in that?
Kyan – The kidnap part. And as soon as I break out of these chains with my scrawny muscles somehow, you’re going to be put in the nut house..
Mariah – How are you going to do that if I threw your phone in the toilet?
Kyan – Y-You …. what….
Mariah – I knew you’d try and call for help. So I took care of that beforehand.
Kyan – What do I have to do to get out of here, then?
Mariah – Sing me a song with your beautiful voice, Justin. I might just let you go home after that.
Kyan – Uh…What song would you like me to sing?
Mariah – Baby.
Kyan – Alright. *clears throat*
*three minutes later*
Mariah – That was beautiful. *wipes away tears*
Kyan – Wait.. I didn’t sound like a dying horse?
Mariah – You sounded more like Adele. You’re Justin, for sure. <3
Kyan – If I could facepalm right now, I could.
Mariah ah – *places hand on Kyan’s forehead*
Kyan – Thanks.
*at Hole Beach*
Minotaur – *laying under umbrella shade on blanket, wearing sunglasses and swim trunks, sipping coconut juice through a straw straight out of the coconut* Y’know, this is the perfect vacation and I’m glad that everyone is here to enjoy it.
Wolfgang – *in a two-piece swimsuit, poking feet in water* Almost everybody.
Ryku – *wearing beachwear, beach ball in hand* Yeah, it’s like something’s missing.
Minotaur – Oh, I’m sure it’s nothing. Don’t worry.
Wolfgang – Kyan isn’t here…
Ryku – And Zey isn’t present either.
Minotaur – No one cares about him, but Kyan, oh dear! What happened to him?
Wolfgang – He said he was going to be here..
Minotaur – Don’t panic, all. We’ll find him.
Wolfgang – He could be anywhere, though!
Minotaur – Luckily, I installed a GPS chip in his head while he was sleeping. c:
Ryku – Wow, that’s awkwardly conveinient.
Wolfgang – A bit creepy, too.
Minotaur – Well it’s gonna help us find him, isn’t it?
Ryku – Hopefully…
*back at Mariah’s basement*
Mariah – *playing guitar* Now, what did you think of the song I made for you?
Kyan – Awful.
Mariah – Aw, I love your sense of humor. <3
Mariah – No, you will never leave. You will be here forever and ever. >:3
Kyan – I had so many dreams. *tears*
*huge chunk of ceiling falls*
Mariah – *looks up* AAHHHHHH!
*the chunk crushes Mariah, Minotaur and the gang are on top*
Wolfgang – *gets up, coughs* What are you doing here?
Kyan – I don’t even know or care anymore. Let’s just go home. c:
Minotaur – Everyone hold on.
*the crew grabs hands as Minotaur flies back to Burbank, fading into the sunset*
Wolfgang – You know what, Ryku. Apart from the nice smelling butt, your hands just smell wonderful.
Ryku – How am I supposed to respond? D:

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