I just feel like I never know what to write anymore. And it pains me to say this .. but I think I’m ending Party with Hobos. This is definitely not what I expected, but it’s just .. when I have a great idea, I go along with it and then I just hit a brick wall. Then I ponder and think of how I just feel pressured. I know I’m supposed to just go with what I promised.. but I just don’t know. I’m sorry. I feel like I owe you guys somehow…

I’m sorry a million kajillion times. I’m sorry, Codien. I’m sorry, Hijuyo. Sorry, Zey, Flamez, our readers & everybody. I’m just.. sorry.


About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

9 responses to “Sorry”

  1. Slanted Fish says :

    is this real

  2. LS says :

    Well, MT, it’s been great from the start and still is. Good job bro

  3. Chase Winter says :

    Sorry to see PWH go, but I understand that you’ve hit a wall.

    Try to keep going (You’ve got a season to finish, bro! :{D ) but if you decide to end PWH, it’s alright with me. PWH Forever! ;’)

  4. Codien says :

    Bro, If you can’t finish the season I’ll finish it for you. Or get everyone to help out and finish it. Actually, done.
    We’re calling all readers, that’s right, ALL READERS to help out and write an episode about summer! Team up and write together or do it solo. Just submit it in the comments below. A summer-fest of episodes!

  5. Steele~ says :

    *crying in corner*
    *whacks MT on the head*
    Did you get your inspiration back?
    *hoping he’ll say yes*

    • Steele~ says :

      If I still had my internet, I’d be glad to join the team. c:
      Really bummed out MT has to go. I hope you achieve great things, bro!

      • flamez says :

        MT no longer has any interest in continuing PWH himself nor does he want it to be continued by others. Sorry! :)

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