Filler: Last Paychecks

Hey, hobos! The creator of this crazy show here.

I just wanted to check in and post a well deserved filler. Hey, this could be somewhat of a belated Christmas present! Although, I got something else in mind that’ll top this, for sure. Check back December 31st for the details, but until then, enjoy this!

*at empty PWH studios*
Minotaur – I miss this place.
Bradley – Too many memories in such a short time.
Producer – Alright, here’s your last paychecks.
Kyan – Which was given to us five months later?
Producer – Look, MT is busy with school.
Ryku – Busy with school in July?
Producer – He was ..trying to work on his social life?
Wolfgang – What social life?
Producer – Guys, just take your frickin’ paychecks. *throws envelopes in the air*
*everyone grabs their envelope from the air*
Zey – *tears, reaches for cash* Uh.. there’s nothing in here.
Producer – Duh, Party with Hobos was non-profit!
Minotaur – So, you’re trying to say we went through 2 years of this for nothing?
Producer – Hey, does everything have to be about money?
Everyone – YES!
Producer – Well.. uh.. Happy Holidays! *zooms out of studios, leaving a smoke cloud behind him*
*everyone coughs*
Kyan – What do we all do now?
Wolfgang – PARTY!
*hobos show up, does choreographed dance routine to Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj*
Ryku – I think I’m going to miss this show.

About MT

Nothing other than a boy that listens to music and laughs at stupid things.

5 responses to “Filler: Last Paychecks”

  1. TheBoss says :

    nice to know your back at least for a little while!

  2. Codien says :

    *tear* The hobo’s dance, so beautifully.

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