Angry Whales

Tomorrow’s the last day of Unreleased :'(

Have you ever been obsessed with something to the point where you write/draw about it all over your notebook at school? Don’t lie, we all did it. But my obsession was Party with Hobos. I remember in 6th grade when I constantly wrote about PWH and my plans and ideas for future episodes. I even planned in seasons! And when I got home I was so ahead in episodes, I was probably writing about the 3rd season after what’s premiering at the blog at that moment. But I lost all of that one time and long story short, Season 8 would be waaay different. It had this new girl named Kai and all I remember is her and this one episode about the PWH performing in a prison full of zombies or something. So I’m glad I lost those and Season 8 turned out the way it did. It’s way better, trust me.

Fed up with Whaley’s laziness, Zey threatens away Whaley’s privileges until he works for them.

*at Zey’s mansion, living room*
Whaley – *sips Coca Cola on couch, watches That’s So Raven*
*on TV*
Raven – Mom, I just got a vision that we’re gonna have Taco Bell for dinner!
Mom – Well, if your vision says so, it must be true. *grabs car keys and heads out the door*
Raven – *looks into camera* And that’s how to get your parents to buy Taco Bell.
*off TV*
Zey – *comes into living room* Whaley, are you sipping various soft drinks and watching That’s So Raven again?
Whaley – *nods head*
Zey – I tried everything to get you off this couch! Do you know how much I have to pay for Michelle Obama’s anger management classes?
Whaley – *rolls eyes, continues to sip drink*
Zey – DON’T ROLL YOUR WHALE EYES AT ME! *smacks drink out of Whaley’s hand*
Whaley – *becomes furious, skin turns red*
Zey – Oh, did I do that? I apologize. *picks up drink and gives it to Whaley*
Whaley – *goes back to normal, tries to sip drink*
Zey – Aw snap, I think all your soda spilled on the floor.
Whaley – *hops to the kitchen, opens fridge, notices no more soda*
Zey – *laughs as he walks into kitchen* So you think you could disobey Zey? Well you can’t!
Whaley – *skin turns red with fury*
Zey – I do not care about that anymore, because I know where the soda is. This was a set up.
Whaley – *has confused expression*
Zey – Since I have forgotten why you even live with me, I started thinking of ideas to make you do what I want. And since it seems like all you do is sit on MY couch, drinking MY soda, watching MY TV, I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re going to have to get a job. And your new job starts Monday, 6AM at YOLO Elementary sweeping up hallways and for each day you go, you get one soda, one episode of That’s So Raven, and, well, you’ll always get to sit on the couch – but in one seat.
Whaley – *jaw drops*
Zey – Yeah, you know how I roll.
*at YOLO Elementary’s hallways, Monday morning*
Whaley – *struggles to sweep up food wrappers*
Girl – *pushes Whaley out the way* You’re blocking my path, doofus.
Whaley – *grunts, continues to sweep*
Boy – *accidently kicks Whaley in the face* Ooh sorr- Wait, why is somebody’s pet the new janitor? *continues to walk*
Whaley – *sighs, tries to sweep*
Bradley – *trips over Whaley, falls face-down on the floor*
*children in hallway laugh*
Bradley – *turns around* You stupid whale! Why are you sweeping in the midd- Oh, aren’t you Zey’s pet, Whaley?
Whaley – *nods*
Bradley – *gets up* Oh, I’m sorry. Why are you sweeping up garbage at my school?
Whaley – *speaks whale gibberish*
Bradley – I’m not understanding?
Whale Translator – *stands near Whaley* I am sweeping up garbage under threat of no soft drinks and no That Is So Raven.
Bradley – That’s terrible! Don’t worry, I think I know some people that could help you. Just expect something at your house at 5pm.
*class bell rings*
Bradley – Good luck with your miserable job! *walks off to class*
Whaley – *sighs*
Whale Translator – *sighs*
Whaley – *looks up at translator, whale gibberish*
Whale Translator – Where did you even come from?
*at Zey’s mansion, 4:59*
*door breaks down*
Zey – Ugh, cheap props department. *looks over at door* He- Whoa.
*a large group of whales enter Zey’s house with laser guns*
Zey – This is awkward.
Whaluzoo – It comes to my attention that you haven’t been treating fellow whale Whaley right.
Zey – But all he does is drink soft drinks and watch That’s So Raven! D:
Whaluzoo – And that’s a bad thing? It is in Whaley’s nature to do that! All whales in our clan have a special trait about them. Mine is that I could speak English and have a beard and eyepatch.
Zey – o.o
Whaluzoo – But anyway, show us where the soda is or else we’d have to take force.
Zey – *dashes upstairs crying*
Whaley – *hops over into living room, speaks whale gibberish*
Whale Translator – Good work, fellas!
Zey – *silently walks downstairs with soda in arms*
Whaluzoo – *punches Zey in the face, takes soda*
Zey – *falls to ground unconcious*
Whaley – *speaks whale gibberish*
Whale Translator – Now how about we all join for an episode of That Is So Raven!
*the whales cheer*

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One response to “Angry Whales”

  1. Samwow5 says :

    LOL, awesome episode MT! I’m going to miss PWH.

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