During Summer break spending a week at his grandparents’ house, MT went on his grandfather’s computer on June 14th, 2010 and went to the Poptropica Help Forums. He had a fabulous idea about a few of characters he draws, Minotaur and Ryku, interview members of the Forums. So, he went to the “User TV” Show section of the forum and posted it. It turned out to be a great success, so he made more episodes. After 6 episodes, he decided to make another season with a new character, Kyan. However, the second season began a whole new concept with the main characters going on adventures, instead of interviewing members. He soon spread the word about it to Hijuyo, the creator of the Poptropica Help Blog. A chatter on the Poptropica Help Chat, Zey, was interested in it and included his self-named character in it as well. It soon made its official blog and become a regular sponsor on the Poptropica Help Blog. And it’s huge success and hilarious episodes made it to where it is today.

People Who Help with The PWH

MonkeyTacoz: The creator of Party with Hobos that contributed to every episode created.

Zey-shomi: A writer for the PWH that has two self-named characters, Zey I and Zey II.

Hijuyo: A blogger who helps proofreads and supervises the PWH episodes.

Ivory♠Flamez: A rare contributor to the PWH since Season 5.

Codien: A new writer for PWH: Season 8 and is working on a secret project with MT. 

16 responses to “Origin.”

  1. starlit15 says :

    lolz first commet xD. Hope this blog gets popular ^^

  2. Zey-shomi says :

    Of course it will get popular, I’m in it! XD jk

  3. Ghosty says :

    You guys rocks!

  4. magicbones/storm/mudkipgirl says :

    Showed this site to my best friend- SHE LOVED IT!!!

  5. Smart Kid says :

    Can I be in a zombie apocalypse? :) that would be cool…

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