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Kool-Aid Klass

In this episode, Bradley goes to Starbucks to find out the secrets of Kool-Aid, but things go for a bad turn and he gets himself into trouble- deep trouble! Who is this mysterious person? Why is Bradley so obsessed with Kool-Aid? Find out in this episode! So deep, it’s even deeper than the Kool-Aid pitcher in TV commercials. This corny introduction is exactly why MT forbids me from posting. Read More…


Moar Ghosts!

Ryku, Minotaur, and Zey try to scare Kyan by dressing up as ghosts at night. Find out what happens in this episode in about..7 seconds. Also, IT’S SEASON FOURRRR!

Ryku – Shhhh.. Hey guys. Ryku here. Minotaur and I snuck into Kyan’s house. See, Kyan’s nyctophobic, meaning he’s afraid of the dark. He’s right over there deciding if he should go downstairs, where it’s dark, and go get some spaghetti. And we wanna…
Zey – *sneaks up behind them outta nowhere and says loudly* HEY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Minotaur – *attacks Zey down*  SHHHH.!
Minotaur – *duct tapes Zey’s mouth shut*
Zey – :(
Kyan – What was that? D: *scared look* BAWWW. I don’t wanna go downstairs. There’s ghosts or something probably. D;
Zey – *rips duct tapeoff and whispers* WHAT ARE YOU DOING RYKU?!
Kyan – There’s even ghosts that know my friends’ names. D;
Minotaur – Shut up, Zey. l:< Or you can’t be in Season Four no more.
Zey – Wait…I got an idea >:D
Ryku – ..Which is..?
Zey – Let’s pretend to be ghosts :D
Ryku – We already had an episode about ghosts, but okay. :D
Kyan – I’m gonna go downstairs…*stops self* No wai. D:
Zey – Oooooh….! I’m a ghoooooossssttt!
Kyan – A friendly ghost, like Casper or an evil ghost?
Zey – Evilllll….I will haunt you forever….!!!!
Kyan – Ooh. :l … AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *runs in bedroom and nails wood to door* Phewww.. D;
Ryku – *leans to Ryku’s door in the hallway* Oooooohhhhhhhhh!! I’m another evil ghost to haunt you and stuff and junk and Lindsay Lohan..
Kyan – AAHHHHHHHHHH! *hides under matress*
*Outside Kyan’s house*
Ryku – Everyone have a sheet over theirselves? I can’t say anything…or breathe..
Kyan – Me!
Zey – Me!
Minotaur – If you see nothing but the inside of a sheet, is that good?
Ryku – *facepalm*
Zey – Epic phail.
Ryku – Yeah….. anyway, we’re gonna climb the side of Kyan’s house into his bedroom..
Kyan – Isn’t that dangerous? You can’t see anything.
Ryku – I don’t really care, Kyan..
Kyan – If I knew where you were, I’d punch you in the stomach.
Ryku – NOT IF I PUNCH YOU FIRST! *punches*
Minotaur – OUCH!! WHO PUNCHED ME?!! *throws fireball*
Zey – OUCHHHHH!! WTF?!? *smacks someone with whale*
Kyan – Why I do I feel like I’m about to lose conciousness….*falls hard*
Zey – …oops.
Ryku – Don’t worry, Kyan! I’ll help you up… if I could find you..
Kyan – OUCHHH! You just stepped in my ribs! D:
Zey – Actually…I think that was me.
Ryku – Wait.. aren’t we trying to scare Kyan?
Kyan – You guys were trying to SCARE me?
Zey – No. The ghost right in front of us said that.
Minotaur – ASDFGSAF?!!@ Where’d you come from? D:
Kyan – Ooh. I heard you guys outside. I thought you heard about the ghosts and tried to scare ’em. Then, I saw you were wearing sheets, so I put one on too! :D
Zey – GHOST!!!! *spins around with a whale whacking anyone near me*
Minotaur – *smacked* OWW!! Who did that?! I’m gonna kick your bootay! D:<
Zey – Oh…AH!! SOMEONE TRYING TO KICK MY BOOTAY!!! *uses bazooka*
Minotaur – *takes off sheet* Zey, no one’s trying to kick your bootay. Plus, you knocked Kyan out unconcious again.. :l
Zey – Oopsie.
Ryku – *takes off sheet and walks around without looking at the ground* KYAN?!
Ryku – Oh crap, I stepped on his face.
Zey – …that can’t be good.
Minotaur – We are SO hurting Kyan today. o.O
SockLicker – *appears out of nowhere* DID SOMEBODY SAY MUSICAL NUMBER?!!
Ryku – Oh geez.. *facepalm*
Zey – No.
SockLicker – TOO LATEE!! A five, a six, a seven and an eight!!
Zey – *hits SockLicker with whale*
SockLicker – D:< *destroys Zey with laser beams* MUSICAL NUMBER!!
Zey – *uses reflector and laser beams hit SockLicker*
SockLicker – I’m not playing with Zey anymore. -_- He always has callbacks. Sings anyway.
Do you ever wonder…
why I sing all of these songs?
It’s because I like it..
And they’re never wrong.
But they’re not always right..
But it’s true to not fight..
Sing a song..
Sing along..
With all your friends..
It’ll never end.
Never end, never end.
Sing a song.
Sing along, kids!
To be a Happy You..
Babeh. Lalalalalalala
BYE NAO!! :3
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