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I know I said this like five million times, but this is legit.

Thanks for the memories, you guys. I really appreciate it. I never knew something I could be writing in the Summer after 5th grade I could still be writing in my last year of middle school. Basically, I graduate from school in 4 years. I pretty much grew up writing these crazy stories with you guys turning from a kid to a teenager. It’s weird how a little show you could create on a Poptropica forum could spawn off to its own blog, make over 100 episodes and have 20,000 hits. Minotaur, Ryku, Kyan, Bradley, Wolfgang, Zey, SK, SockLicker, Whaley and everyone else has become an odd part of my life and it’s going to be weird letting them go, but I think I ended this just well. No abrupt stops. No excuses. Just me typing away my fingers to give my readers what they want and deserve to read – some weird stories about a gang of characters I made in my head. And I can’t write this forever. No one could write it forever. No one could create another PWH legacy because they’ll get busy with other things or they just hit a writing block – like I did. But I just want to say thank you all for reading this small project of mine. Thank you, Juyo, Zey, Flamez, Star, Codien, and all my Hobos (you guys reading this) for taking the time to rely on this to entertain you, to make you laugh or to make you smile. And I’ll always keep this blog up just in case you wanna reminisce about these stories you liked to read. Hey, if you’re gonna read, at least make the reading funny, right?¬†Thanks for giving me a chance, I’ll never forget you all.

Signing off,


Your Late Christmas Gift


Get ready for it.

News: Thirteen More Days

Kyan – This brings back so many memories.

Let’s just get this over with.

It’s about time to enter the phase of change.

Update: The development for TTRS has been stopped. Another Halloween special is coming your way to kick off the season. Still jotting down some ideas.

It’s not that I don’t care.

Hey, there!

Unfortunately, I’m suffering technical issues with my laptop, like blackouts and such.

I’m trying to finish the finale for Season Eight, Ugly and Proud.

Hopefully I could finish it up and give you all sneak peeks later! :3

– MT


No new episodes for a while. Blame Codien. Where is he anyways?

See you guys soon! :)

x MT

It’s Almost Here!

Codien and I have finished the first half of the season already with episodes including what you love: randomness, drama, and ACTION! Grab your popcorn with a side of 7-UP, because Golden Ticket is premiering this Friday! Can you believe that? THIS Friday! We all knew this day would come and it’s almost here ( lol just like the title huh )! :D

We’ve uncovered a sneak peek of a mysterious episode this season on a Post-It note. We used the keenest of eyes to read it. This episode will make your epic Summer worth it, although who knows what it’s called?

*at Mino’s mansion*
Minotaur – *eating cereal, sitting on couch, watching Family Fued*
Host – It’s time to play Fast Money! I’m going to ask you a series of questions and you’ll have to answer them before time runs out. Ready?
Bob – Gotcha.
Minotaur – I love this section of the show! The only thing that irritates me about it is that they always have at least one stupid answer. I could get it due to the pressure and everything, but you could do better.
Host – What’s a favorite holiday?
Bob – Birthday.
Minotaur – Your birthday’s not a holiday, you overweight doof! Unless Google made you your own logo on their homepage, don’t try to consider it a holiday, hun.
Host – What’s a common screenname for a random Austrailian teenager that loves online games for kids?
Bob – Codien Flame.
Minotaur – Ooh! That’s a best answer right there!
Get prepared for the best Summer of your life!
-MT + the PWH crew
P.S. PWH is going to be a year-old June 14th. ;)
P.P.S. I’m pretty sure we had a post titled this before.
P.P.P.S. You know PWH Forever, written by Alpha? Check out its brand new special, Computer Start-Up!
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