These are some details about characters you’ll see very often in episodes.

Minotaur is a weird, idiotic, lactose-intolerant, powerful, brave mythological creature. Usually the one that gets everyone in crazy shenanigans. He also has an 8 year-old son named Bradley who he introduced in Season Six.

Ryku is an intelligent, Twilight fanboy that has a lot of common sense and smarts. Some day, he’ll change the world. He doesn’t usually enjoy the crazy adventures that Minotaur and Kyan get him in to.

Kyan is a music-obsessed, Minotaur-battling, shark-attack surviving, lovable host. He came to the series in the second season. He was usually quiet and knew the lyrics to any hit song. Since then, he turned to books other than music.

Bradley is Minotaur’s son who was introduced in Season Six. He likes dinosaurs and making fun of his dad. Although he has more smarts than his dad, he still acts like a real child, like being afraid of serial killers and scary movies.

Dasr was a former member of the PWH crew who left in Season 7 for a brief guest-appearence in iCarly. He was quiet and got hurt easily. When he returned in “The Golden Ticket”, he turned up getting murdered by SK. However, in Purple Pills, he was revealed to be alive due to his unique bones repairing themselves.

Zey I ( Zey ) is a brave, sarcastic host that used to be mysteriously absent. He usually likes bullying people either for the heck of it or for making fun of him for playing violin with whales and bazookas.

Whaley is a careless whale owned by Zey who he uses to attack people with. He’s careless about almost everything, usually shown by him sipping a random drink out of a cup and rolling his eyes.

Zey II was Zey’s brother. Like Zey, he attacks people with random objects he has with him all the time. He’s also very sarcastic. In “The Golden Ticket”, he was found murdered by SK in Centaur’s office.

Smart Kid/SK was the show’s former assistant, who is based off a real fan of PWH. She was really irritated with being the assistant and the crew soon got tired of her and treated her like dirt. She got voted off by popular demand in Vote ‘Em Off! She was in a brief relationship with Ryku. When she reunited in “The Golden Ticket”, she made a series of murders out of revenge of how the crew treated her.

SockLicker is a superhero who likes to bust in the studio and sing musical numbers at the wrong times, usually when someone says something. The PWH crew is irritated by it, but just go with it. In Season 8, he decided to stop making so many musical numbers and start focusing on saving the world from evil.

Charles is Zey’s British butler that lives in his mansion. Usually all he does is dust things or barely anything at all. He’s been hinted to be very sensitive.

Charisma is Kyan’s best friend who works at a local Starbucks. He’s not close with the crew as told in “Party with JTX” and seems very attached to Kyan.

JTX, born Jaiden Tiberious Xu, is Bradley’s best friend introduced in Season 8. He had a very bad first impression with Minotaur causing awkward tension for having an unsupervised party without his permission.

Wolfgang is the first female host who’s “really hot” introduced in Season 8. She’s a tough girl that “doesn’t take any mess”. She made her debut in “Revenge of Wolfgang” in which she convinced Minotaur to plot revenge on his co-stars at a local movie theater. For her care for Minotaur claiming she was worried about him, she was made a host by Ryku. It’s also hinted that she could be friends with benefits with Minotaur.

29 responses to “Characters.”

  1. barefoot cheetah says :


  2. iMech says :

    You should make a new character called Steamee (my old name). Steamee is a human like robot with a bad sense of humor and he loves to throw his “indestructible” Mac at the PWH crew. Whaddya think?

  3. LEWIS says :

    This character page is great,but can you please add litttle pictures of the characters next to their descriptions. -Lewis :)

  4. hland7 says :

    Can i haz question? Why, in the newer episosdes, is Ryku usually more obsessed with music than Kyan is? I iz confuzzled.

    • `MT. says :

      I usually always thought that Kyan mentioned a lot more music than Ryku does, like with one of the Season Seven episodes saying his list of songs that need a music video.

      I never really paid much attention to Ryku’s music life. But if their personalities get confused, I won’t really agree of who would be obsessed with music.

  5. magicbones/storm/mudkipgirl says :

    I LOVE PWH!!

    You peeps r awesome!!!
    My fave characters are Bradley& Minotaur. They are hilirous!!

  6. Lewis says :

    Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Now there’s 13 characters. MY FAVORITE Number!!!!!!!!! -Lewis :D

  7. Smart Kid says :

    ;D Yep, I got treated like dirt. And eaten by a shark. and thrown off a spaceship. and turned into stone. And had to be really, really, annoying. ._.

    • *MT. says :

      I probably only did that because I was a bored 11 year-old with dark humor on a computer. I also had no idea what to do with you anymore after your first episode as an assistant.

  8. Smart Kid says :

    It’d be interesting if all the people that got killed in the golden ticket were zombies somewhere in season 9.

    … I wonder where my head went. :o

  9. Smart Kid says :

    Why didn’t I kill Kyan? He’s the one that threw me off a spaceship and left me to die under a meteor D: I know I gave him his revenge, but still.

  10. Smart Kid says :

    My character is nothing like me. D:

  11. Smart Kid says :

    I think I comment here a little too much…

  12. Smart Kid says :

    8/22 are mine.
    8/22 are yours.
    Creepy. 0_0

  13. Smart Runner says :

    Lol, This is pretty funny. :)

  14. Club Penguin Incorporated says :

    I love to party :D So Can I be lol..a party animall hehehehehehe..
    me: *spills drink on laptop for partying too much*
    friend: what did you do!? Clean that mess up!
    me: no thnx i just want to party!
    friend: what did ya say!
    me: nothing.. im gonna party in my room see ya!
    friend: i’ll clean it up!
    me: no let my party friends clean it up :D
    friend: grrrrrr *slaps me on cheeks*
    me: ouch!

    But one thing is i like to party :P
    Right now i’m like dancing with the party
    songs on like Party Anthem :D

    i Would Love To Be A Party Animal Lol ;D

    Please Reply^.^

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