Welcome to the Episodes page, a database that holds every episode ever made that was posted on this blog.

Simply just click a season to view its episodes! Easy, right?

Season One

The first season including only Minotaur and Ryku interviewing guests on the Poptropica Help Forums.

Season Two

Season Two starting off fresh with a brand new host, assistant, and someone that smacks people with whales.

Season Three

The third season showing a lot of random adventures such as falling in love with a frozen girl and going in to Poptropica.

Season Four

The fourth season exposes Kyan’s nyctophobia plus kidnapping Zey and disasters.

Season Five

The fifth season  starts the epic trend of partying in Taco Bell and introduces a brand new host plus monster pop singers.

Season Six

The sixth season introduces Minotaur’s only living son, Bradley, to the series, and battles at Thanksgiving.

Season Seven

The “original” season that has personality changes, battling with dinosaurs,  and birthday parties.

Season Eight

The marvelous Summer season of 2011 including murders in Greek mythology museums, nyan cats, monstrous pizza, and parties without permission.

Season Nine

This entertaining season, the first that lasted over Spring season, contains being haunted by billionaires, hating on bronies, and finding love in Paris.

Season Ten

The season of Summer 2012 ( that started off with the 100th episode ) included adventures such as Bradley graduating, going back in time and taking Kool-Aid classes until abruptly ending halfway through the season.

Note: Season 2 – 3 has links missing due to them being posted on the PHF instead of the blog itself.

28 responses to “Episodes.”

  1. CyberTron says :

    Could you guys add links to each episode? Thanks! :D

  2. Zey-shomi says :

    >.> You BETTER not put the episode “Wake Up!” …it was so freaky with Mino and everything. :|

  3. Maximum Ride says :

    Can you try to put up an episode October 22? It’s my birthday then. You don’t have to, but that would be really aweshume.


  4. ZippyDude says :

    There are NO links.>:(

  5. Lewis(13 Poptropicans) says :

    Please make and a country music episode and put me (Lewis) in it. It could be called The Crazy Country Fan

    • !MT says :

      Ryku – Kyan, what are you doing?
      Kyan – Listening for my favorite station..
      Ryku – And your favorite station is ~
      Kyan – *turns to Country music station* YES!
      Ryku – Country mu – MY EARS ARE BLEEDING! Dx
      Minotaur – Don’t be hatin’. Is that Tim McGraw? :D
      Lewis – No, it’s Taylor Swift.
      Minotaur – And YOU are? :l
      Kyan – Oh, that’s the guy who was on the PWH blog requestin’ episodes and shiz.
      Lewis – Yeah, I like the PWH. :D
      Kyan – Many people do. ;D
      MT – *thumbs up*
      Kyan – I LOVE THIS SONGGG. :D *puts on Cowboy hat*
      Lewis – COWBOY MUSIC! :D *clings to Kyan*
      Kyan – GET OFF ME, MAN! D:<
      Lewis – No thank you, I like your hat. *takes, and runs*
      Minotaur – COWBOY HATS? D: *tackles Lewis to the ground*
      Lewis – :|
      Minotaur – *takes hat, puts on* I IS A COWBOY.
      Kyan – Cowboys are cool!
      Ryku – Chiropractors are! :D
      Kyan – No, you make me laugh. Cowboys are cool.
      Ryku – You wish. :D
      Kyan – …I know.
      Minotaur – KYAN! They ARE cool! Just ask Chuck Norris. :U
      Chuck Norris – Cowboys are cool and so is country music because Minotaur told me it is.
      Minotaur – See? If Chuck Norris said it, it HAS to be true! :D
      Kyan – I guess you're right. Ryku, you suck.
      Ryku – YOU SUCK! D:<
      Kyan – My self-esteem – so low. D:
      Minotaur – lol poor Kyan.
      Lewis – *punches Mino in the face, takes hat* I LIKE THIS HAT.
      Ryku – Well, you could've just took it..
      Kyan – Yeah, no need to get so violent..
      Lewis – Sorry, but –
      Ryku – No, no. Man, that was just uncalled for.
      Lewis – But –
      Lewis – B –
      Ryku – GIVE. IT. BACK.
      Lewis – Ok, dude. D: *throws Cowboy hat at Mino*
      Ryku – Good, you could leave now.
      Lewis – ..Ok. *leaves*
      Ryku – ..Is the Country music still playing?
      Kyan – Yes.
      Ryku – *dies*


  6. DizzyDee says :

    Smart Kid hasn’t appeared in an episode for a long time…

  7. Max says :

    MT… if it’s not on the PHF, can you remake the “Sharpie Broccoli” episode? If it IS on the PHF, can you give me the link please? Okay thankies! ~Max

  8. LEWIS says :


    It’s Lewis again and I’m writing to say that Party With Hobos inspired me to start writing a show called “The Poptropicans”

    It stars three poptropicans Fast Singer(fastsinger13),Purple Burger(purpleburger32), and Funny Penguin(funnypenguin64) who beat every island so far and got to host a Tv show.

    • `MT. says :

      Hey, Lewis.

      That’s awesome to know! :3 Good luck on that!

      Nice story plot! It’s nice to know that you’re inspired by Party with Hobos to make it. :]

  9. DizzyDee says :

    ohaidere! it’s meeeeeeeee. You asked what episodes we want remade. I have a long list.
    *clears throat*

    1) 702
    2) 703
    3) 704
    4) 705
    5) 706
    6) 707
    7) 708
    8 ) 709
    9) 802
    10) 805
    11) 807
    12) 808
    13) 809
    14) 811
    15) 812
    16) Battling the *choke* Cullens *gag*

  10. LEWIS says :

    Why Can’t season 7 come out sooner,but I’m excited 4 the Escape From The North Pole episode.*Grabs tent and sleeps near computer* :)

  11. LEWIS says :

    How do you make your own website,because I want to start making “The Poptropicans” on the Poptropica Help Forum.

    Hijuyo: There are many ways to create a website. This one was created for free with WordPress.com.

  12. DizzyDee says :

    You put some links in smileys, did you use those?

  13. MT- says :

    I have this season planned out mostly, but thanks for the idea. It’s not a bad one..

  14. Joe Highgo says :

    Will what is this?

    • MT- says :

      This is the place that stores the episodes of the webseries. Just click a season and you instantly view the episodes of that season.

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