Season Eight

Season 8 (June 2011 – August 2011) is the first Summer based season of PWH.

This season premiered in the Summer of 2011 celebrating PWH’s 1 Year Anniversary! Personally, it’s Codien’s favorite season. It was nicknamed the “controversial season” because it has a lot of new features plus conclusions and references  to former episodes.

Fillers – short little episodes, usually quite silly to fill up the blog.

Pokékon (ポケット昆虫) Ch. 1

* Ryku tricks Minotaur into creating insects he believes is Pokemon so Ryku could literally “Collect ’em all!”

Party Without Hobos

* When Minotaur is in charge to invite people for their one year anniversary party, he invites literal hobos who turn out to be more annoying than they look.

Angry Birds

* When Bradley and Mino discover Angry Birds plushes at the mall, they wonder what makes it so addictive.


1.  The Golden Ticket

* After the crew recieves mysterious golden tickets to a Greek Mythology museum, someone plans to murder the crew out of vengeance.

2. Nyan Cat Episode

* When Zey turns down Nyan Cat’s offer to become internet sensation, he becomes angry and put the crew’s lives in danger.

3. Monster

* On an ordinary movie night, a weak Minotaur accidentally turns the pepperoni pizza into a monster planning to make it explode with flavor.

4. I Heart Starbucks

* After Kyan meets Perez Hilton at a Starbucks, he gets inspired to make his own blog just like his.

5. Chocolate Delights

* At a Rebecca Black themed park, Minotaur has a craving for ice cream, but he goes nuts when no one would let him have any.

6. Party with JTX

* After Minotaur rushes off to the PWH Studio, Bradley and his best friend, JTX, plan to throw a party in his absence.

7. Revenge of Wolfgang

* When Minotaur feels taken advantage of at a movie theater, he runs into a smokin’ hot girl persuading him to plot revenge.

8. Jellytastic Voyage

* When the crew finds SockLicker weeping about retiring on the summit of the Oddly-Specific Named Mountain, Ryku tells him about a heist of all jellybeans in the mountain in hope he wouldn’t retire.

9. Sent ‘Em To England ( Sharpie Broccoli Part Two )*

* When the PHB is once again invited to play a memorable game of Hole Tiemz with the crew, things go out of control when they take it TOO seriously.

10. To The Jersey Shore*

* When The Situation gets rejected by Wolfgang in Italy, Snooki plans to kidnap her to show her that no one messes with them.

11. She’s Still Mine! 1/2

* After Frozen Girl meets up with Minotaur, they get closer than ever causing jealously for Wolfgang.

12. She’s Still Mine! 2/2

* Wolfgang plots to get rid of Frozen Girl during her date with Minotaur.

13. Debroskied

* After kissing Wolfgang while playing a game, Ryku is shunned and “debroskied” by Minotaur.

14. The Truth

* While pitching a User TV show idea to the Poptropica Help Forums’ creator, CoderKid, Minotaur and Ryku discover the truth behind their existance.

15. I Want To Be a Billionaire

* Nostalgic about her talk show ending, Oprah joins the Hobos’ cast only to transform it into one that resembles her old show.

16. What Is Gravity: The Revenge 1/2

* Waking up in a chamber with each other, Minotaur and Bradley are forced to try to find a way out despite Minotaur’s powers.

17. What Is Gravity: The Revenge 2/2

* After being captured by DV,  Bradley has to be saved before being thrown off the spaceship.

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