Season Nine

Season Nine (Oct. 2011 – Apr. 2012) is definitely the most music-inspired season thus far.

Besides it’s creative plots such as being held hostage at a billionaire’s house or going to court for disliking My Little Pony, Season Nine is definitely one to remember and so far kept its promise to be a legitimate fan-favorite.

1. Countdown

* Despite the fact that they are way too old to be trick-or-treating, the crew comes upon a haunted house inhabited by the ghost of Steve Jobs who holds them hostage.

2. Sorry 4 Tha Wait

* After their rival series disses them online, the crew brings along Nicki Minaj to get back at them – harder.

3. Purple Pills ( Haters Gonna Hate 3/2 )

* When Zey discovers the Hobos’ disliking of ponies, he feels judged and takes them to the ol’ courthouse for hating.

4. Hobos In Paris

* On Valentines Day, the Hobos travel to Paris, home of the Eiffel Tower, and transform from co-workers to valentines.

5. Right By My Side

* After a huge fight the night before, Minotaur and Wolfgang share a duet of how much they miss each other.

6. The Cinnamon Games

* While Minotaur and Bradley go to the movie theaters being obnoxiously loud, Wolfgang and Kyan try to accomplish the cinnamon challenge.

7. Nana’s Kids

* When Ryku’s grandma asks him to watch over his toddler cousins while she’s gone, the kids appear to be more trouble than they look.

8. The Crewneck

* After showing up to the studio in an unattractive crewneck, Kyan must avoid his co-stars who want to destroy it.

9. Easter Eggs

* When Minotaur accidently smashes the eggs made for the Easter Bunny, he tries to coerce him into making more.

10. British Idols 1/2

* When Wolfgang loses tickets to meet her favorite boy band, she plots to meet them in an even more daring way.

11. British Idols 2/2

* After Wolfgang meets up at the hotel her band stays at, she makes Bradley help her sneak in.

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