Season One

Season One (June 2010) is the very first season where Minotaur and Ryku interview guests.

1. MaroonFire23 and CoderKid

* Minotaur and Ryku interview CK about InstaStore, giving MF no time to talk.

2. CyberGeek, Smart Kid, and TSMM

* The first three commenters of the first episode play “Hole Tiemz”.

3. MuddyDragon and BlooBerry95

* After sending MD down a hole early in the episode,  the hosts try to find another guest for the show.

4. SneakyC, BlooBerry, and MaroonFire

* After Minotaur gets knocked unconscious by SneakyC, Sneaky then becomes temporary host.

5. Last Episode Ever! 1/2

* After Minotaur gets his revenge on SneakyC, the hosts introduce the guests of the season to a mansion topped with jellybeans.

6. Last Episode Ever! 2/2

* The guests of the season climb the mountain unaware that they’re being tricked.

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