Season Ten

Season Ten (June 2012) was the second Summer-based season of Party with Hobos.

This season was planned to be inspired by pop culture and the feel of Summer break, but was obstructly ended after the fifth episode.

Fillers – short little quick episodes, usually quite silly used to fill up the blog.

The Creator – MT’s 13th birthday.

The Swag – Wolfgang’s math teacher says Swag.

The Taken – Bradley’s Science partner is taken.

The Friends – Zey wonders why his FB friends are so low.

The Deal – Bradley threatens Principal Graham.

The Kool-Aid – Bradley has a Kool-Aid disaster.

The Biebs – Kyan gets confused for JB.

The Whale – Whaley’s lazy.

Best Father’s Day Ever – Bradley smothers Mino on Father’s Day.

Last Paycheck – The gang gathers up for their final paycheck.


1. Breezy

* After MT demands visual pictures of the crew’s adventures for the PWH Museum, he instructs them to time travel into the past and take a picture of a memorable moment of each season.

2. Graduation

* When SockLicker discovers that Bradley’s teacher is actually a super villain who could bring him bad luck if they make hand contact, he needs to save Bradley before he shakes her hand the day of his graduation ceremony.

3. Healthy

* Concerned about Minotaur’s eating habits, Wolfgang sends him to a weight loss camp.

4. Kool-Aid Klass

* A mysterious man in all black takes Bradley to show him the secrets of the making of Kool-Aid.

5. Belieb Me

* Kyan gets kidnapped by a woman who believes that he is Justin Bieber.

The B-Side Series – written by Codien

Pokékon (ポケット昆虫): Chapter One – HD Extended Edition

Pokékon (ポケット昆虫): Chapter Two

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