Season Three

Season Three (July 2010 – Sept. 2010) shows a lot of hilarious adventures you’ve never heard of anywhere else.

  1. Haters Gonna Hate ( 1/2 )
  2. Haters Gonna Hate ( 2/2 )
  3. She’s Mine!
  4. Inside The World
  5. Hey Zey!
  6. Call, Prank, Eat
  7. K’Zapped!
  8. So Sick ( 1/2 )
  9. So Sick ( 2/2 )
  10. Beaver Fever

2 responses to “Season Three”

  1. LEWIS says :

    The last 3 episodes are on this user show. Why don’t they have a link??????

    • *MT. says :

      The forum in which PWH was posted unfortunately got hacked before I could post all of the episodes.
      Luckily, I got Season One and the first episodes of Season Two though! :)

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