Season Two

Season Two (June 2010 – July 2010) introduces new faces, including Kyan and Zey.

1. New Season, New Things

* An introduction to the season and an interview with Obiwan.

2. Sharpie Broccoli

* The authors of the Poptropica Help Blog play “Hole Tiemz” then CK gets trapped in a land filled with broccoli.

3. My Therapist and Me ( CoderKid Helped Me Write This )

* Minotaur gets help from Therapist Ryku who tries to ease the tension between Mino and MD.

4. Celebrity Chaos

* Celebrity guests premiere on the show while the hosts wear embarrassing popsicle suits.

5. Knight Hero

* The crew plays a very random game of pretend.

6. Shark’d

* After going to the Pacific Ocean on a hot day, Kyan’s legs get consumed by a shark.

7. Pretty Smackin’

* Zey attacks the crew.

8. What Happens In Forests..

* Zey attacks the crew in a forest.

9.  A Day of Oprah

* When the crew goes on Oprah, it goes from a pleasant interview to a laser throwing fiasco.

10. What Is Gravity: The Musical

* When Ryku questions gravity, the crew breaks into an educational musical.

11. Haunt with Hobos!

* After Ryku steals Minotaur’s opprotunity to introduce the show, Minotaur kills him turning him into a ghost.

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