Filler: Last Paychecks

Hey, hobos! The creator of this crazy show here.

I just wanted to check in and post a well deserved filler. Hey, this could be somewhat of a belated Christmas present! Although, I got something else in mind that’ll top this, for sure. Check back December 31st for the details, but until then, enjoy this!

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I just feel like I never know what to write anymore. And it pains me to say this .. but I think I’m ending Party with Hobos. This is definitely not what I expected, but it’s just .. when I have a great idea, I go along with it and then I just hit a brick wall. Then I ponder and think of how I just feel pressured. I know I’m supposed to just go with what I promised.. but I just don’t know. I’m sorry. I feel like I owe you guys somehow…

I’m sorry a million kajillion times. I’m sorry, Codien. I’m sorry, Hijuyo. Sorry, Zey, Flamez, our readers & everybody. I’m just.. sorry.

Belieb Me

How does Kyan Styles sound?

Words cannot express this episode. Kyan gets mistaken for Justin Bieber all the time, but this has to just cross the line. Does anyone remember when Justin got claims about being the baby daddy to this one chick? That just so happens to be the same chick who kidnaps Kyan, oblivious to the fact that it is not Justin Bieber. I mean, really. Kyan needs to get a makeover or something. And by the way, the Wolfgang smelling Ryku running gag is back! Enjoy this strange episode I made with the help of good friend and PWH reader, Alice Juliet.

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Kool-Aid Klass

In this episode, Bradley goes to Starbucks to find out the secrets of Kool-Aid, but things go for a bad turn and he gets himself into trouble- deep trouble! Who is this mysterious person? Why is Bradley so obsessed with Kool-Aid? Find out in this episode! So deep, it’s even deeper than the Kool-Aid pitcher in TV commercials. This corny introduction is exactly why MT forbids me from posting. Read More…


*takes a bite out of a McDouble*

Hey, childrens. So, you know that powerful kid with the high metabolism named Minotaur, right? Well, I wondered what it would’ve been like if he were to be in fat camp. At Biggie-To-Smalls Weight Loss Camp, they’re determined to provide results for the reluctant, large children, but who likes to exercise every day? How lame. Just kidding, guys. I’d also like this episode to encourage Hobos to eat healthier and be active during this Summer. That’d be real swaggy of you. Oh, and by the way, episodes will be every Wednesday and Thursday. So don’t forget to check in, Hobos! Alright, enjoy. c:

When Minotaur is enrolled into a fat camp by a worried Wolfgang, he is imprisoned there powerless until he gets healthier.

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Most of you are out of school, right?

Hola, everyone. This episode is one that would kick off the season. Currently, I’m at my grandparents house for the Summer, and hopefully the connection from home treats me well. But whatever happens, I’ll try my hardest to provide the episodes as promised. Anyhow, Bradley seems to be growing up so fast. He’s already graduated elementary school. However, this isn’t any ordinary graduation ceremony, unless you see superheroes kill teachers that are actually super villains all the time. But this one is to applaud you for finishing up this school year, and if you’re an international reader that’s still in school, keep trying your hardest and you’ll succeed! But yeah, here’s your episode. And also, Codien helped write. :D

When SockLicker discovers a teacher at Bradley’s school is not who she seems, he must rescue the child before he meets up with her the day of his graduation ceremony.

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Filler: Best Father’s Day Ever

Happy Father’s Day from your homies at Party with Hobos.

So, I just made this filler in ten minutes or so, because I almost forgotten that Minotaur was a father. *facepalms myself* If you know any pretty cool Dads in your life, tell them thanks for their caring and for all of their hard work. .. I’m trying to make this long but there’s really not much to say except that this is a filler that contains pancakes and Raven Symone. Oh, wells. Enjoy, guys.

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