Party with Hobos, I must admit, isn’t exactly the most organized series. Some things might be confusing to you. But you don’t have to just sit there puzzled. This page is for you to comment questions that the creators will answer! Whether it’s character questions, episode questions, or season questions, we’ll answer ’em.

Ask away, party animals! ~

57 responses to “Questions?”

  1. super typhoon says :

    may i be an author? i have a TON of ideas! plz answer or meet me at phc blog.

  2. Mr. Funnybones says :

    Where did you get the name Party With Hobos?

    • *MT. says :

      I believe I was watching iCarly and they mentioned something about hobos. But then a made a COMIC for a short period of time. When I was writing all bored on the PHF making the first season of this show, I just simply named it after. :)

  3. Mr. Funnybones says :

    How many seasons will there be?

  4. Mr. Funnybones says :

    Who is your favorite character in PWH?

  5. Mr. Funnybones says :

    How many episodes are there?

  6. Mr. Funnybones says :

    Are you going to make PWH a show someday?

  7. Mr. Funnybones says :

    Which shows inspire you a lot to make comics besides icarly? :D

  8. Mr. Funnybones says :

    Why did you put a pause on PWH in Novemberish and Decemberish.

    • *MT. says :

      I believe it was because there was honestly no episodes to premiere. Season 6 was over and Season 7 started in January. I mind as well just post the two holiday specials and get a chance to focus on my schoolwork for once. Logic.

  9. Mr. Funnybones says :

    How many hits are you planning to get by 2012?

  10. Example! says :

    What episodes in Season Eight do you recommend?

  11. stupidninjas says :

    Would you consider making an episode where Harold Camping predicts the world will end YET AGAIN,and Minotaur gets insanely freaked out by it?

  12. Bam! says :

    I know Dasr left in Season 7 for a guest appearance in iCarly. But is he come back to PWH after he’s done the guest appearance?

  13. Bam! says :

    Oops. Silly me. Its ” is he gonna come back to[…]” lol. I friggin love the PWH. :D

    • *MT. says :

      He could come back as a zombie. I’m planning a Season Premiere for Season Nine called May 21st, 2011. I’m still unsure whether it’ll be produced or not.

      I love the PWH too. It’s my favorite series to write. :)

  14. Mr. Funnybones says :

    What was probably the longest episode you made?

    • *MT. says :

      The longest episode I’ve made so far is The Golden Ticket, although I count that as a special.

      Vote ‘Em Off! is probably the longest episode that’s not intended to be a special. I don’t check too often. :P

  15. Popular Flame says :

    Poor Dasr. :( But Dasr coming back as a ZOMBIE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! WOOT! and, how do you get all those characters names? Maybe you have an inspiration, imagination … whatsoever… :P

    • *MT. says :

      As shocking as this might sound, Poptropica’s Mythology Island actually inspired Minotaur’s name/style. His name was originally Lion or K4 or something. Then I came up with Minotaur and sticked with it.

      Ryku is Japanese, so I tried to think of a traditional name from Japan I guess and came up with Ryku. Not really a traditional name, just one that you’d see in an anime. :P

      Kyan was probably inspired by Ryku’s name, but he’s not Japanese. I imagined him Caucasian. :)

      Dasr and Zey were created by Flamez ( frozen*cream ) and Zey ( surprisingly ). I would ask them if they were available. :(

  16. Popular Flame says :

    Hmm… Lion, K4. yeah. Mino sounds bettah. :D Ryku and Kyan have names that I haven’t heard before and they’re awesome. Dasr.. a paranoid cat man? or a cat-LADY? XD Man, that never gets old. For Zey….Zey’s… Zey ? I guess. Wow. I have been saying ”Zey” for like, 3 times. o.o :p

  17. Popular Flame says :

    o.o :P

  18. Popular Flame says :

    Oh yeah, MT. I read a history comic I bought, So, when I was reading, there’s this part where it made me shock. o.o There was this king named King Ryukyu. Does Ryku and Ryuku have a nice ring to it? Like the same right? I haven’t found anything bout Kyan.(haha) Maybe you can make another character named Ryukyu? :P

    • *MT. says :

      Ryku has an evil counter part on a non-existant parody show called “Party with Hats” named Ryka, if that counts. Surprisingly, Ryku has a lot of variations in anime/manga. .__.

  19. Popular Flame says :

    Ooooo. ._.

  20. Lewis says :

    Sorry If this not a ? about PWH, but what happened to the PHB? I went on the site and it didn’t let me in. :( I hope Hijuyo did not get rid of the blog. It IS the best poptropica blog on the net(including the Creators Blog).

  21. Bam! says :

    oH yeah,.. Ive been away for 2 weeks now.. And my birthday is on 6th July. I was hoping MT could make and episode just like in Max’s B’day. I went to Ireland, London, Paris, Manchester, Leeds, York… etc. :)

  22. Bam! says :

    Anything you want, Surprise Me! :D Oh and I went to Disneyland Paris. Rode on a killer coaster. maybe 2. :) Gotta say, THRILLIN.

  23. Smart Kid says :

    Can I come back as a zombie, or have an evil clone or something?
    That would be interesting…
    Or maybe my evil clone is the zombie. 0_0

  24. Strange Clown says :

    Where the HECK do you come up with these ideas?!?

  25. DesuQueens says :

    why is pwh so kawaii

  26. darleen8AKA Slippery Tummy AKA rainbow ninja AKA girl who cried puppy AKA that weird girl in 3rd period that talks about killingAKA HISHE AKA TEEHEE! says :

    Hi squisshies. I dont understand anyof this at all, but i like it. Where do i find the first episode? i want to start from the beggining. What exactly is perty with the hobos about? I just forund this today because of the PHB (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!2013!! I’LL BE OLDER NOW!!) and it seems like a really fun thing. I like it. SO, where doi find it? ANSWER WITHIN THE NEXT 3 SECONDS AFTER IPOSTTHISOR YOU WILL BE A CHICKEN!!!!! TOODELOO CHICKENS!!
    ~ST out!
    ~.~.~.~- ST back in! Paintin’ camo,camo, camoflauge! camo camo,camoflauge paintin camo camo, camoflauge, PAAINTING CAMOFALUGE.

    • MT- says :

      Party with Hobos is a webseries that consists of random-themed stories about five friends running a TV show together. You could find the first episode by going to the Episodes page and clicking Season One, then you after finishing all the episodes on that page, you could go to Season Two then Three and so on. And I guess I’m a chicken now for this late reply :p

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